The Lord has shown me the past few days that he is coming as a blazing FIRE.  I woke up smelling smoke in the air all around.  The Lord is so powerful in this blazing FIRE, and he is coming to burn away all the things in your life that contaminate it.  There are poisonous and polluting substances placed in us from the enemy that is deeply rooted.  Lean in toward the FIRE for the Lord will cleanse you deep within and burn the roots.  He will burn and put to death the things that are not of him.  His FIRE will purify and replenish you.  The Lord really wants you to lean in and contain his FIRE deep inside you, and as you allow him to burn and put to death all the things that have been contaminated in you, you will receive huge increase and blessing.


The Lord showed me one of the things the enemy was working on this year 2018 was DIVISION and SEPARATION.  The Lord showed me a TWIZZLER, you know the red licorice candy they are long and twisted in their shape.  The enemy is twisting things around like a TWIZZLER.  The twisting words he is putting in people’s ears is causing such DIVISION and SEPARATION.  This year in 2018 there has been so much DIVISION and SEPERATION in families, friendships, our country, church and work places.  Why is there so much hatred and judging going on between us? It’s because the enemy is twisting things around.  The Lord is coming as a blazing FIRE to burn and put to death the DIVISION and SEPARATION!  We need to stay connected with each other it is so important!

Next I saw the Lord coming as a FIRE of PURITY.  The FIRE of PURITY burns so beautifully bright.  He is releasing the FIRE of PURITY within us.  I saw no more DIVISION and SEPARATION, or contamination.  All the roots were burned and dead!  What I saw in this FIRE upon us was goodness, righteousness, clean hands, clean bodies, clean mouths, and most of all I saw a clean pure heart filled with love.  You have been pruned, purged and purified by the FIRE.

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” Psalm 51:10


Then I was taken to big wide deep blue ocean with many waves.  These waves were not destructive they were calm and peaceful waves and they rolled onto the shore.  On the shoreline people stood and they gravitated toward the water,and these waves rolled onto their feet and then there bodies as it pulled them out deeper.  I heard these are WAVES OF GRACE.  These WAVES OF GRACE are being released by God.  This GRACE is given to us as a gift from God.  We have God’s favor! These WAVES OF GRACE will carry us through the rest of this year and he will be bringing us to a higher deeper place.  It’s going to be greater than we think.

“Out of the fullness of his grace he has blessed us all, giving us one blessing after another” John 1:16

Love and Blessings,



Author: honeybeewhisper

Love to share prophetic encouraging words. I'm a dreamer and a lover of Jesus. 😊


  1. Hi Deb,
    God’s ways never cease to amaze me. He also spoke to me about grace during worship service at church on Sunday. In the spirit, He showed me tiny flakes falling on our congregation . When I opened my eyes I saw a picture on the power point depicting trees with no leaves just trunks & bare branches. The same tiny flakes, not snow, were sprinkling down around these trees. He said these are Grace Sprinkles, my grace is sufficient, just enough grace for the day & every day. Let’s all receive His waves of grace & grace sprinkles. I’m chuckling at how He uses our own uniqueness to proclaim the same message of His truth & encouragement. I wonder how many more of your readers heard the same message about grace. I hope they comment & include the details of how He communicated it to them. I’m sure we will hear all different stories.
    Love you,

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