The enemy has been so vicious is his attack against many right now.  There has been hit after hit.  I had a dream that different keys were being given to people to unlock doors.  Behind some of these doors were financial blessing, healings, wisdom, new jobs, new ministries, increase, promotion and new gifts.  There were different kinds of keys but God was giving people these keys to that one thing people have been praying about and asking for to move them forward.  I then saw the enemy come up to these people and whisper lies in their ear and he was steeling all their keys.  The people had such fear and panic because their keys were stolen and they couldn’t unlock their doors.  I saw people giving up and losing hope and allowing the enemy to just steal their keys.  The people felt  they couldn’t do anything about it and the attack against them had been too much.

We are in a season of acceleration.  Some have been waiting a very long time to step into this new season.  People have been praying for God to open up doors for them.  God is about to give you different keys to these different doors to be unlocked.  God has been preparing you this past season for what you will be stepping into as you unlock these doors and walk through them.  All the pain, trouble and hard seasons from the past will help you walk through these doors.  The Lord wants you to trust him.  Trust in his promises and faithfulness.  Stand up the Lord says there is great breakthrough coming.  God is moving you into a time of double portions.  I saw the atmosphere being filled with double portion I feel it burning in my heart and is going to be released in amazing ways.  The enemy is causing delay to the time of double portion for us by whispering lies and trying to steal our keys.

We have to stand with authority and command the demonic influence to STOP and LEAVE in JESUS’ NAME!  We can’t allow the enemy to fill us with fear.  We can’t allow him to steal what belongs to us anymore!  Be firm and kick him out!  We need to stay in such deep prayer with the Lord.  Some of you will think this is crazy but I will share it anyway.  Today I saw a huge spider in my house this spider was different.  This spider was staring at me, and as I approached it didn’t scurry away it moved toward me with authority.  Well immediately I felt the Lord tell me to stand with authority and start praying and remove it.  I definitely felt spiritual warfare going on in the spirit realm.  So the holy spirit led me to pray and remove it.  You always need to be listening to where the holy spirit leads you.

There will be such breakthrough and abundant blessings being unlocked through these doors.  I just want to encourage you I know many of you are at the end of your rope and you have been praying and believing for breakthrough for so long.  I want you to know that God’s fire and favor will be falling on you and blessing you with double portion.  Don’t stop crying out to the Lord.  It’s time to war and fight with the words of your mouth through prayer.  You need to be able to combat the devil and his plans against you.  Satan tempted Jesus.  Every time Satan came around Jesus he would speak Scripture with power and authority.  We need to do the same thing and speak Scripture with power and authority.  So stand up and fight the enemy with the word of God with your mouth.  Be Alert!  Be engaged with the truth of heaven and only listen to God’s whispers not the whispers of the enemy.  Engage with the word of God.  Shout it, Sing it, Pray it!  Listen to God and trust him when he says ITS THE TIME OF DOUBLE PORTION!  So go get your keys.

“A thief has only one thing in mind he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy.  But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect life in its fullness until you overflow!” John 10:10

Love and Blessings,


Author: honeybeewhisper

Love to share prophetic encouraging words. I'm a dreamer and a lover of Jesus. 😊


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Kudos to you for reminding us of the authority God gave us. Satan has been working overtime in attacking my family for many years. By the grace of God we have preserved through many trials. Generational diseases, infectious diseases, near death experiences, financial issues & a multitude of other issues have plagued us for far too long. We are a strong family of believers ordained by God to be used to build His Kingdom & are looking forward to the double portion of His promised blessings. So I’m in agreement with you, Deb, let’s take authority & kick satan out where he doesn’t belong. Let’s continue to praise & worship our Lord who deserves all the glory & honor. Let’s take the keys, open the doors & accept all that He has promised us. I just thank God that He is using you to encourage us & I commend you for your obedience. The struggles have been many but you overcame them. So thanks for sharing.

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