There will be a New Path that God wants YOU to take.  I will share a dream I had that has to do with many of Gods people, so if your reading this that means this dream is about YOU!  It’s a change of direction.  Travel this New Path.  Trust him and his way.  He is leading you to bigger places of increase and promise.  This pathway will make your heart HAPPY.  It will refresh your soul.  God’s Path is PERFECT!  This New pathway is full of REWARD.  The smile of God over YOU for following his Path is HUGE! 

In my dream God was showing me that he wants you to follow and walk down this Path.  You were given New socks and shoes to wear because it’s a New way of life.  As you walked down this path it was peaceful, beautiful and felt completely right.  You could see a grill on this path, and inside the grill was something cooking that smelled delicious to your nose.  This Path took you right to him and he had good news.  As you walked down this Path I was dressed as a cheerleader, wearing a purple uniform.  I stood with authority screaming to you from the sidelines of the Path, KEEP GOING YOU CAN DO IT!  DON’T LISTEN TO THE LIES OF THE ENEMY KEEP GOING YOUR ALMOST THERE!  I was positive, smiling and cheering you on like most cheerleaders do.  I was encouraging all of you.  I was standing with you in prophetic prayer because that’s what I do.

The Path ended at a huge old house.  It was gorgeous and the wood work was beautifully unique.  At the entrance there was a very tall white door that was open as you walked through it, it led to the kitchen where the Lord was sitting waiting for you.  He looked like a fatherly figure and he was sitting at the kitchen table.  He said sit down.  It was such a comforting place and I could see such deep love going on.  God was talking and laughing a lot and loved your presence.  He offered you beef jerky and hard boiled eggs.  I know what your thinking what a combination but remember this is what God was showing me.  You remembered smelling the beef jerky being cooked in the grill as you were walking on the Path.  God was preparing this for you and he wants to share it with you.  You will be receiving lots of wisdom and understanding as you chew on this meat.  It’s the meaty revelation of God.  The hard boiled eggs were perfect and there were many of them.  These perfect eggs he was giving you were his perfect promises.  I can’t tell you how good the atmosphere felt with these perfect eggs and beef jerky being together.

You could hear it raining outside with lighting.  It was the rain of favor!  Some of the things the Lord was speaking was change is coming.  You will be receiving spiritual and natural inheritance.  Double portion, increase and favor are upon you.  He will give knowledge and miracles to some and to some punishment.  That is when I saw the lightening.  The punishment is for the people who have an evil heart and caused injustices in your life.  God said he will take care of them and for you not to worry about anything.  He will be EXPOSING!  I saw him throwing their dirty clothes in the washing machine.  Allow God to do the laundry.

The Lord says stand strong on a firm foundation always even in shaky times.  If your foundation is firm you are firm in God’s light, and you are covered by God’s firm powerful protection, and you won’t slip.  God warns us though that if we build our lives on sand and not solid rock of God’s word, we can expect devastation.

So I am CHEERING you on saying WALK THIS NEW PATH YOU CAN DO IT DON’T STOP!  I am encouraging you to keep moving and you will receive your beef jerky and eggs.  You will be in Awe of God’s spectacular blessings of double portion and favor.  He is bringing repayment, restoration and increase.  He will bring New Areas, New Opportunities, New Connections, New Ways as his RAIN OF FAVOR falls.  Trust and believe God’s promises.

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow” Psalm 25:4

Love and Blessings,


Author: honeybeewhisper

Love to share prophetic encouraging words. I'm a dreamer and a lover of Jesus. 😊


  1. Hi Debbie,
    So check this out because you need to hear how your posting impacted my life .I did receive a speculator blessing of double portion and favor today!!! Thank you Lord for using Debbie to confirm what you put on my heart during Sunday Service this morning. With eyes closed and singing “ I believe, I believe in you “ , I felt myself being held on both sides and lifted up into the heavens. I was taken to the foot of God’s Throne ( you said through the tall white door to the kitchen table where God was sitting ) WOW ! He told me the presence at my sides were His angels. “ They have always been there and are protecting, guiding and bringing my messages and gifts to you.” He confirmed He is taking me to a new level of service. He also said “ I know every trial Debbie has been through and every tear she has shed and I am blessing her NOW for her obedience. Her blog will explode and I will give her the strength to get my messages out. And you, my daughter will continue to respond to these messages with accuracy about my goodness and faithfulness.” I then heard LOUD and CLEAR “ I have healed your left knee. “ A suddenly – a miracle!!!So while I am thanking, praising and receiving this healing I am also thanking and praising Him for the opportunity of parenting my ( HIS ) two precious daughters. He says “ I chose you to be their mother and hand picked them to be your daughters. Yes you are all working for me now. Debbie has been well prepared and will continue to post my messages. As you continue to meet with me in the spirit, I will give you the words to respond and comment to these posts. And Anne ‘s journey has been long and hard but necessary and it is almost complete. Yes Sharon, she will be speaking my words very soon in a ministry that will be powerful and bring many into my Kingdom. Here’s the equation Sharon -Prays, Praises & thanks, Debbie-writes, Anne-speakers about my existence “. Everyone who has been touched by God because of your posts needs to comment. What a great way to encourage one another & get our testimonies of His existence & goodness out there. Oh yeah, NO PAIN in my left knee all day!!! PRAISE GOD !!!

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