Important major dreams this week is what I had.  The Lord showed me lots of them and he is urging and pushing me to tell you them.

In my dream I was taken to a delivery room.  Tons of babies were being born to many people.  The people were so excited and happy.  The nurses brought them their babies and showed them how to change them and told them what to feed them.  As people looked at their babies it wasn’t what they expected.  The way they had to change their babies and feed them was completely different from what they have ever known.  Nothing was familiar and it wasn’t what they thought it would be.  The atmosphere was filled with a sense of change.  It was even better than they expected! It was a New Way and people were in complete awe and amazement of what was going on.

People brought their babies home with them and they were in their glory.  All of the sudden I saw the enemy hiding in their houses and he wanted to contaminate and destroy their babies.  He started to produce this BLACK FUZZY UNHEALTHY MOLD that was so terrible and toxic.  It was growing and moving very quickly.  Black Mold is one of the most toxic and poisonous molds because it can grow in houses and its extremely dangerous to humans.  The people immediately started cleaning with bleach to kill the Black Mold and they opened the windows and doors.  The sunshine started to come in and the enemy and Black Mold ran away.

This dream is very important.  As we are all stepping into a New Season we will be GIVING BIRTH to a baby which is God’s promise to us.  God’s promise is what we are birthing and we need to protect it.  In the dream people saw their babies and they were shown how to change them and feed them , but it was unfamiliar,and it wasn’t what they expected.  God’s promise that he is giving you isn’t what you expected, but you will find out its even better than what you thought.  It will blow you away.  It was different , but different doesn’t always mean bad.  What God has prepared for YOU is perfect!

God is stressing saying PROTECT YOUR PROMISE PROTECT YOUR PROMISE!  You need to protect your promise that he is birthing in you.  The enemy is going to come and he is terrified of what you are stepping into.  God is on the move and the enemy is trying to spoil it by bringing  BLACK FUZZY UNHEALTHY MOLD.  But guess what Mold can’t live or survive in the sunlight.  So open your windows and doors and let the sunshine come in.  Stay in the light of Jesus.  Jesus is the SUN(SON).  He is the light in your life.  Clean your house with bleach meaning repent for any sin.  When you repent from sin it closes the door so Satan can’t come in and if you sin you open the door allowing Satan to come in.

“Arise , shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee” Isaiah 60:1

Then I had another dream.  This may sound gross to some of you but again its important and it’s what God is showing me.  In my dream many people were lined up on a farm and they were so hungry and unhealthy.  They felt horrible and empty inside.  Have you ever gone a really long time without eating?  You feel terrible and awful like you can’t function.  As they stood there I saw there were two groups of people, but both groups were starving.  In the one group I noticed some of the people’s mouths were open.  These people who had their mouth open were filled with jealousy and control.  All of the sudden I saw wasps and yellow jackets flying out of their mouths.  Some of the things they were thinking and saying were not good.  As all the people stood there from both groups they were frustrated and starving they needed to be filled with food and protein to nourish them.Their bodies were severely malnourished.  Then I saw the hand of God take hundreds of COWS and hand them to the people.  The people who were served last were the people who had wasps in their mouths.  God wanted people to eat these COWS to fill their bellies so they would be FULL.  These COWS were a gift from God.  The people needed this meat to survive.

We need to be careful of the things that come out of our mouths.  Some things that we say and do can be hurtful and they can sting and bite like wasps and yellow jackets. 

“Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 141:3

God is showing me over and over again that his people are HUNGRY, they are missing something.  They are HUNGRY souls that are malnourished and unhealthy.  They need to be filled up.  They need to be fed.  When people are Hungry  they get frustrated.  God is giving you cows to eat.  I totally need to be filled I am so HUNGRY for more!!

Keep your mouth open to receive this MEATY REVELATION he will be giving you.  He wants you to chew on his word so it will nourish you and fill you up.  It will make you healthy again.  I know I spoke about MEATY REVELATION in my past post but he is emphasizing it strongly over and over again.  With this MEATY REVELATION from the COWS it will help you, it will fill you with what you need to PROTECT YOUR PROMISE YOUR NEW BABY he is giving you in this NEW SEASON.  You need these COWS to step into where he is leading you.

Lastly I wasn’t going to share this, but I changed my mind.  My last dream I was about to share good news with people and the enemy tried to shove a black plastic garbage bag over my head so I couldn’t speak and tell people the good news.  It was horrible and scary because I couldn’t speak or breath.  I thought I was going to die.  I ripped the bag off my head and woke up in a panic and full of fear.  I said to God I can’t do this anymore.  I can’t share your words anymore with people.  I feel like the enemy is winning and he is killing me and completely taking over.  Then something came over me.  I felt the Lords presence around me that took over.  I stood up and started to pray out loud and I said…   When did I forget that you were the King of the world When did I forget that fear is a liar When did I forget how powerful you are When did I forget that you are my protector When did I forget that your love is everlasting.  If any of you have heard these lies or have had night mares, this is for you.  DON’T LISTEN TO THE LIES OF THE ENEMY!  God’s love is perfect, faithful, unconditional, forgiving, full and everlasting.  He breaths strength, hope, grace and peace on you.  The Lord said we have Favor from him it’s in our DNA.  His DNA lives in us.  Favor brings promotion Favor brings protection and Favor brings grace.  Its God’s pleasure to give favor to you.

The enemy was trying to muzzle me, to keep me quiet in fear so I wouldn’t speak what the Lord wanted me to.  Well guess what Satan I just did! LOL! Please laugh out loud in agreement with me Satan hates that.  Satan will not hold me back anymore!  So everyone reading this you will hear from me again and again and I will continue to speak what the Lord is saying to me to encourage you in obedience.  I will stand on Christ’s Rock and I will not be moved!

“He is my Rock, the only one who can save me.  He is my high place of safety, where no army can defeat me.  My victory and honor come from God.  He is the mighty Rock where I am safe”. Psalm 62:6-7

Love and Blessings,



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  1. Hi Debbie, as always, thanks for sharing this post. Knowing that God is bringing us into a NEW SEASON is so encouraging. To be reminded that we need to feed on His truths & that His DNA lives in us has renewed my spirit. We are human as well as spiritual beings. Our 5 senses are necessary to sustain our human lives while on earth. FAITH , however,is a necessity if we want to sustain our spiritual lives because it helps prepare us for our true home, Heaven. Hebrews:11-1 says “ Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing something is real even if we cannot see it” NCV. So Deb, I’m standing in agreement with you and believe that God is taking His people to the next level. Let’s all stay spiritually connected by reading His word because this increases our faith and produces boldness to speak His truths and take authority over satan. God’s plan is perfect for each one of us. Thanks for your obedience as He continues to use you to build His Kingdom.
    Love you,

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