The Lord is bringing you PURITY SNOW.  I saw snow falling and this snow was delicate and silent.  It was white weightless and pure.  This PURITY SNOW is so white that is glows with light.  This PURITY SNOW is beautifully clean and innocent as it falls.  This PURITY SNOW is transforming, it will quiet and settle your mind.  This PURITY SNOW will fall gently and gracefully over you like a white blanket, it is noiseless, tranquil and very calming.  This PURITY SNOW has the ability to cover over impurities and make them go away.  This PURITY SNOW will not slip off like the rain does it stays and sinks in really good.

The Lord is releasing this PURITY SNOW over you that is bringing freedom to you.  A freedom to let go of the place you are in.  The Lord wants you to get out of the place of down and out.  He wants you to break out of that stronghold.  You feel such giants in your life that are surrounding you crushing you.  Let this PURITY SNOW fall and blanket you.  Spend your time in it while everything goes away.

God is saying…

Keep your eyes on me and enjoy this silent beauty with me.  I want to be in deep intimacy with you.  I want to spend time with you.  The wind and snow of my spirit is bringing healing and breakthrough.  Freedom and Purity are being released.  You will be set free from the chains that have been holding you down.  Do not try to work out what I am doing.  Rest in me and trust me and know that I am working in you and through you.  The plans I have for you are better than you can imagine.  I am going to show up.

This PURITY SNOW was prepared from Heaven.  These snowflakes were dropping from Heaven blanketing you in this NEW SEASON.  It blankets the barren and lifeless bringing such comfort and freedom from pain and distress.  The comfort from this blanket will leave you feeling restored refreshed and rejuvenated.  Its beautiful and serene that can’t be tainted by any means.  As grief and pain has built up in you it was swallowed up by this PURITY SNOW.  He is turning all the pain and grief into JOY and LAUGHTER.  This JOY and LAUGHTER will carry such authority.

Father I pray that your PURITY SNOW will fall on every person reading this as they step into their NEW SEASON.  This season has been a hard one and I pray that as your PURITY SNOW falls on them and blankets them that it would give them such comfort and peace.  Help them to feel the coziness of your beautiful Love.  Help them understand how pure they are in your eyes.  Help them to let go of the place they are in and come escape with you for a while.  Help them to unwind rest and recharge.  Bring FREEDOM AND BREAKTHROUGH in their lives once and for all.  Remove all the giants that surround them and break the chains.  Bring happiness again to their lives and let them know what it feels like to laugh so hard they pee.  Bring JOY JOY JOY JOY down in their hearts.  Let them feel childlike again like being tucked in at night-time under their fluffy blankets warm and safe.  Let them be RESTORED REFRESHED and REJUVENATED IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

Love and Blessings,



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