The things that God has promised are going to begin to happen and take place at an accelerated pace but you need to CROSS OVER.  The way God is moving you may feel strange and unusual but he will give you grace.  He doesn’t want you to question him.  Like what if this happens or what if that happens or how will this work.  STOP IT!!  The Lord wants you to trust him and if he says IT’S TIME TO CROSS OVER TO THE NEW SEASON than you need to obey him.  You can’t have fear with the what if’s, God says there is no room for fear.  TRUST GOD PERIOD!  There is a treasure chest that is waiting for you, but you need to cross over first.  The transitioning is happening NOW and it will bring closure to an old season.  God is releasing NEW ASSIGNMENTS, NEW GIFTS and NEW PROMOTIONS.  But, if you don’t CROSS OVER your going to miss it.

In my dream there were tons of people walking across this bridge that was over water.  This bridge turned into solid rock.  Some people I knew and some I didn’t know.  As people started to walk across this bridge the path was different for everyone.  As people got further to the middle of the bridge they could see a treasure chest on the other side.  The River below them was flowing very fast and producing waves that started to crash up onto the bridge.  The waves started to run over people’s feet.  You could see the white foam from the waves and the sound was so powerful.  People had excitement and it felt so good.  These waves were very good and people felt refreshed.  The water helped by  pushing the people to CROSS OVER to the other side where the treasure chest was waiting for them.

This bridge symbolizes a phase of transition.  It speaks of overcoming a certain matter and experiencing a breakthrough.  It speaks of removing mental blockages by putting our faith and our trust in the word of God.  This bridge also speaks of the surrendering of your own problems in the hands of God.  This bridge was made of SOLID ROCK.  This ROCK symbolizes steadfast in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It’s durable, reliable and fixed in place.  A revelation of God brings steadfastness in our faith walk with him.  Stand on SOLID ROCK Jesus Christ and he will give you a firm foundation.

These beautiful white crest waves are positive.  It’s a NEW MOVE and NEW FLOW of God.  These huge waves speak of increase with a lot of financial and spiritual blessings.  He is moving you out of the drought it has been too long.  Why would you want to stay in the drought any longer?  It’s fear.  Don’t let fear stop you from moving into what God wants for you.  Don’t disobey him and not CROSS OVER because you will miss it.

This bridge has a different meaning and path in everyone’s life and what they are going through right now, but God is calling you into something NEW.  This River means huge abundant flow of blessings.  This strong flow of the River means a strong flow of the Holy Spirit which removes spiritual blockage.

There is a treasure chest that is about to be opened up as you CROSS OVER.  This is a NEW TREASURE that is just for you.  It’s waiting.  You won’t believe what’s in it.  You will Love It!  God wants to know if you will CROSS OVER because he says IT’S TIME!


“But you will go across the Jordan River and live in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.  There he will give you rest from all your enemies, and you will be safe.” Deuteronomy 12:10

Love and Blessing,


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