What is metamorphosis, it is the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages, it also can mean a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by nature or supernatural means.

Butterflies go through the stages of metamorphosis.  A caterpillar goes into hiding through a cocoon in order to begin the process of transformation.  It’s been a long season of dreariness.  God wants to fill people with his fresh spirit again.  God is about to let you burst out of your cocoon.  You will be able to spread your wings and fly.  He is bringing you to your New Land and New Avenue.

These Butterflies signify that the time is here and you will open up your wings and fly to this New Land.  When a Butterfly goes through metamorphosis in the cocoon stage they must have the strength to break out of it and of they don’t they will die and not turn into a Butterfly.  Many of us have had to go through many difficult things in our life and we have to  have the strength to break out of our cocoon and transform into a Butterfly.

There will be an awakening of his love that is healing the heart and wounded soul.  God is going to be revealing things to you as he is healing you in this season.  Healing your mind, body and soul.  There is great favor in this season.  In this cocoon stage, even though it was hard, we are going through a transformation and he will help you find your wings.  This transformation will bring New Life.  He will show you specifically where to fly and land.  Don’t miss the turn where he is leading you, don’t miss your time because of fear, or being in a negative place.

This is something that I learned from someone, which I thought was really good in my opinion and I thought it was important to share.  Fear will contaminate your life.  God lives in the land of impossible.  Fight the fear that rises up in your heart.  Stay away  from things that are negative.  Complaining will never get you out of your problems.  Instead release joy and thanksgiving.  Make a decision, you have to choose to put on a garment of praise.  You won’t get to your place of promise by hating where you are in your life.  That made so much sense to me.

The Lord showed me that many people are feeling like they were hopeless in this cocoon.  They felt discouraged, tired and a feeling of going backwards not forwards.  This cocoon stage was such a time of hardship and pain.  I also saw people in fear of change.  The transition is the change that has to take place in your life.  The transition from being in a cocoon changing into a butterfly.  As  a caterpillar goes into hiding in his cocoon he showed me many of you are hiding because is comfortable in your cocoon.  The change is too scary for some and it brings fear.  God is saying stop hiding its time to come out.  Change has to come don’t be fearful of the change and transformation.  The Lord showed me that through this change and transformation you will have great joy.  The enemy wants you in fear and to stay in your cocoon hiding he doesn’t want you to be free.  With this fear you won’t move forward because its uncomfortable.

There is a dying process happening in this season that is coming to an end.  God is removing some things from your life in this dying process.  The cocoon you were in is dying off the Lord is bringing change.  This dying process symbolizes the end of this season and he is transforming you into a Butterfly to a New Pathway of Life.  This will be the pathway you have the choice to fly in which he will accelerate you in.  It will bring freedom and promotion.  I saw the cocoons starting to open.  People had the strength and gave God their YES.  I saw their wings come out and stretch wide open as they fluttered very quickly it was so exciting.  The atmosphere was screaming FREE FREE FREE!  The BREAKOUT of the cocoon is bringing BREAKTHROUGH!  ITS TIME!  As all of you flew you were beautiful and peaceful and completely free.  All of the strongholds from the enemy were broken off and left dead in the cocoon that you broke out of.  Nothing is going to hold you back now. As you flew in freedom it was SO New and SO REFRESHING!  So listen to the Lord when he says ITS TIME ARISE MY BUTTERFLIES AND FLY TO WHERE I AM MOVING YOU!

The song that the Lord gave me was Holding Nothing Back by Jesus Culture if you don’t know it you should listen to it.

“When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world.  The old things are gone; suddenly everything is new!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

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