These beautiful golden trumpets were so shiny in my dream.  All of the sudden the sound that was coming out of these Trumpets was so loud it was shaking and rattling my ear drums.  It was like an alarm going off.  Usually when your alarm goes off in the morning IT’S TIME to wake up to start the beginning of your day.  The Lord was saying IT’S TIME as the Trumpets Sounded!  IT’S TIME to wake up and start the beginning of your NEW DAY/SEASON.  The Lord said “IT’S TIME I am releasing the NEW SEASON”.

The sound of these loud TRUMPETS are waking you up.  IT’S TIME IT’S TIME! The Lord said “Do you TRUST my sound? Do you TRUST what I am doing? Do you TRUST where I am leading you? Do you TRUST what I am releasing? Do you TRUST what I am removing? Do you TRUST the change? DO YOU TRUST MY SOUND??”

The shaking and deep shifting going on in your ear drum from the Lords sound of Trumpets is roaring so loud.  All the shaking and shifting going on in your ear drum is bringing things into correct perfect alignment.  God’s alignment of where he wants you.  As this alignment happened you were positioned correctly and everything was coming together.  The Lord is bringing all things together.  All his plans and promises he has for you are coming together in correct perfect alignment.

I kept hearing 10:10 which means order.  Where the enemy brought destruction, God is releasing life and speaking fullness of life. John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”.  10:10 presents us with a choice.  You can choose a life that is stolen killed and destroyed or you can choose an abundant life and have it to the full.  Do you want theft in your life?  Do you want your hopes, dreams, health, finances and peace stolen from you.  He just keeps taking and taking.  If nothing changes everything will be destroyed.  You have the chance to make a choice and have a life that is abundantly filled.  When God wants you to do something in your life we have a choice to follow him or not follow.  You know what will happen if you don’t follow.

The key is to LISTEN to the SOUND OF HIS TRUMPET AND TRUST where he is ALIGNING YOU AND STEP INTO IT because he said IT’S TIME!

Love and Blessings,


Author: honeybeewhisper

Love to share prophetic encouraging words. I'm a dreamer and a lover of Jesus. 😊

2 thoughts on “TRUMPETS OF TRUST 10:10”

  1. Good morning Debbie and what a good morning it is. This is the day the Lord has made and I choose to be glad and rejoice in it. Reading your post this morning has left me in awe once again of how He uses His obedient believers to encourage us and confirm His messages to us. He is The Good Shepherd and we (His sheep) hear His voice with our spiritual ears. Praying for many ears to be opened to His truths and the abundant blessings He has for us.
    Love you,

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