I have seen many injustices that have come against many in the body of Christ.  I saw a 10 year battle of these GIANTS in their lives.  Many have lost their smile because of this.  It’s been 10 years of battling these GIANTS and the lack of alignment of circumstances to what the Lord has spoken.  This is going to change and turn around as the word of the Lord EXPLODES in your lives.

In my dream I saw people and these huge Giants next to them.. They were tall, evil and scary looking, they over powered these people.  These GIANTS were wearing bandanas on their heads that spelled the word GIANT in capital letters.  I saw 10 years around these people.  These GIANTS were financial hardship, illness, addictions, issues with heart, soul and mind, marital issues and such relentless opposition.  The Lord showed me that these people in Christ started playing the game of horseshoes against these GIANTS.  Of course these GIANTS looked as though they could never be beat.  Well the Lord helped his people and they WON the game of horseshoes.  The people played with sweat and tears, one of the hardest things they have ever done.  They broke these 10 year GIANTS with their VICTORY WIN!  As these 10 year GIANTS lost they fell down and were broken in half.

The turning around is happening. The WINNING of the game of horseshoes is happening.  WINNING over the GIANTS will shift and position you.  The 10 year battle is ending, it’s coming down and its being broken.  As these 10 year GIANTS fell down they broke.  10 broken is 5 and 5 which then the Lord showed me Isaiah 55.  Many have felt they lost 10 years of their lives.  They have felt so much pain, tears and horrible struggles filled with chaos from these stupid GIANTS.  It’s hard to trust again.  I want you to know God is healing your heart and removing your grief.  He has seen you feeling desperate because your dehydrated and malnourished over these years.  You have seen so many closed doors slamming shut in your face.  But he has seen every seed you have sown.  The Lord showed me these 10 year GIANTS being broke inhalf turned into 5 and 5 (Isaiah 55).  Through Isaiah 55 God invites you today to receive restoration, refreshment and a new beginning.  God is our living water, our nourishing milk and our exhilarating wine.  When you come to God he will pursue you with goodness.

“All you people who are thirsty, come!  Here is water for you to drink.  Don’t worry if you have no money.  Come, eat and drink until you are full!  You don’t need money.  The milk and wine are free.  Why waste your money on something that is not real food?  Why should you work for something that does not really satisfy you?  Listen closely to me and you will eat what is good.  You will enjoy the food that satisfies your soul.  Listen closely to what I say.  Listen to me so that you will live.  I will make an agreement with you that will last forever.  It will be an agreement you will trust, like the one I made with David-  a promise to love him and be loyal to him forever.  I made David a witness of my power for all nations.  I promised him that he would become a ruler and commander of many nations.  There are nations in places you don’t know, but you will call for them to come.  They don’t know you, but they will run to you.  This will happen because the Lord, your God, wants it.  It will happen because the Holy One of Israel honors you.  So you should look for the lord before it’s too late.  You should call to him now, while he is near.  Evil people should stop living evil lives.  They should stop thinking bad thoughts.  They should come to the Lord again, he will comfort them.  They should come to our God because he will freely forgive them.  The Lord says, “My thoughts are not like yours.  Your ways are not like mine.  Just as heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”  “Rain and snow fall from the sky and don’t return until they have watered the ground. Then the ground causes the plants to sprout and grow, and they produce seeds for the farmer and food for people to eat.  In the same way, my words leave my mouth, and they don’t come back without results.  My words make things happen that I want to happen.  They succeed in doing what I send them to do.”  So you will go out from there with Joy.  You will be led out in peace.  When you come to the mountains and hills, they will begin singing.  All these trees in the fields will clap their hands.  Large cypress trees will grow where there were thorn bushes.  Myrtle trees will grow where there were weeds.  All this will happen to make the Lord known, to be permanent reminder of his goodness and power.”  Isaiah 55

I then saw Isaiah 55 being added I saw 5+5=10.  This time the 10 was 10FOLD BLESSING!  This 10FOLD increase will be 10 times greater.  As the Lord releases this 10FOLD BLESSING you will see things turn around in your life.  All the seeds you have sown in the past 10 years you will see 10FOLD BLESSINGS.  All things that were bad God will turn to GOOD.  Trust you Must!  As you TRUST God when reading this he will bring happiness in your hearts again and big warm smiles to your precious faces and you will see New Doors fling wide open in front of you!  You won’t be able to contain the happiness inside of you that you will actually cry it will be oozing out of you.  The Lord loves you!

Love and Blessings,


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