I had a few dreams this week after you hear them you really need to think outside the box for the meaning.  Speaking of box the Lord wants you to take him out of your box.  God is everything and everywhere and can do anything, so we need to stop thinking we can only do certain things.  Like staying in your comfort zone of what you think is normal for instance I’m only going to think about God at church on Sunday’s or I am only going to confess my sins certain times of the year there is no room for all these rules.  God is bigger and better than that.  We need to stop jamming and suffocating him in the box.  He will find a way out of your box.  Allow him to come out of your box and move you in ways that he wants to.  Allow him to come ALIVE in your life he is a fun and entertaining God.

In my dreams I saw a man laying outside in a bathing suit next to a pool in the hot sun.  I couldn’t see his face but I felt so good sitting next to him.  I felt comfort and love and protection.  As I looked at his chest it was covered in hair.  There was a big square on his chest that was outlined and in this square was his chest hair in the shapes of all these numbers.  They were HAIRY NUMBERS.  I felt him wanting me to lay my head down on his chest so I did as my ear could hear his heartbeat.  I felt so important and so loved, I was filled with a fire deep within me.

Ok turn your ears on and hear outside the box.  Most of my family and close friends are probably laughing right now because they know that I LOVE my husbands hairy chest LOL!!  I always lay my head on his chest with such comfort and I say this is home.  I just had to share that.  The man in my dream was the Lord and he wants you to Lay your head on his chest, leaning in with your ear to hear the heartbeat of heaven.  He wants to saturate you in his love and truth.  His words are ALIVE.  The hair on his chest was showing his authority and maturity as he nurtures you.  By laying your head on his chest is a covenant.  It is an agreement and his promise to you.  The square on his chest as you lay on it will make you understand the length, width, height and depth of his LOVE for you.  The hairy numbers on his chest meant unity in Christ, agreement in union, harmony, knowledge, alertness, fruitfulness, grace, willingness, God’s will, deliverance and redemption, praise and worship and new beginnings.  As the sun was hot and felt so good you will absorb the righteousness and goodness of God by lingering and resting in his presence.  The blue water in the pool was this heavenly visitation of the Holy Spirit that flows through.

The Lord then showed me STEAL ALERT!!  The enemy will try to come against what God is saying and doing in your life.  The Lord said this is a season of AWAKENING!!  The Lord is speaking to you about the dry and dead places in your life that will be AWAKENED by the resurrection power of Jesus.

“Then Jesus said, “Our friend Lazarus is now sleeping, but I am going there to wake him”. John 11:11

WAKE UP BE ALERT!!  I see hairy numbers 11 (John 11:11).  I see hairy number 7’s(STEAL ALERT).  

“A hungry man might steal to fill his stomach.  If he is caught, he must pay seven times more than he stole”. Proverbs 6:30-31

7 TIMES MORE!!  God is changing you STOP FIGHTING the change.  Learn from him stay deep in him and deep in his word.  Everything God says is TRUE.  Everything the enemy says is a LIE!!  When bad things happen in your life the enemy twists things in your head so that you will speak horrible things out of your mouth.  By doing that you give the enemy legal right to do whatever he wants in your life.  He will steal from you and destroy you.  When bad things happen you need to speak the GOOD. Your mouth should be filled with God’s truth so that the enemy will have NO LEGAL RIGHT in your life and GOD DOES!  God can then take the bad and turn it to good.  But you have to allow him to change you and change your old ways of what you used to do.  It’s very easy we need to take down our walls and guards that are around our hearts.

We can’t blame God for bad things that happen in our life.  He has never moved or stopped loving us.  But we may have moved away from him or stopped loving him because we are too focused on the bad which opens our mouth (DOOR) for the enemy to come in and make it even more worse.  Don’t allow the enemy’s wicked tongue to come onto your tongue.  Sometimes we are the ones that allow the bad in our lives.  Once the enemy comes in he causes pain, torment and hopelessness.  That is NOT GOD! He never moved we just never wanted to change.  Please allow God to change how we think and speak.  Don’t fight it.  He will heal and strengthen you.  My favorite scripture is…

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

The only thing the enemy will do is strengthen you with anger and hate.  He is very crafty and will twist everything God says.  I see hairy 4’s.

“We live by every word that constantly goes forth from the mouth of God” Matthew 4:4

” He’s been a murderer right from the start!  He (the devil) never stood with the One who is the true Prince, for he’s full of nothing but lies-lying is his native tongue.  He is a master of deception and the father of lies”. John 8:44

In conclusion lay your head on the Lord’s chest and lean in with your ear allow him to comfort you.  Feel his deep love and let it saturate you in length, width, height and depth.  Let him nurture you and you come into agreement with him and his promises.  Allow him to change you.  Take him out of your box.  AWAKEN and be ALERT.  Listen as he gives you knowledge of all his HAIRY NUMBERS.

Love and Blessings,





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