I heard the Holy Spirit say “Toucan=You Can!=2Can.”  Toucans are such beautiful birds with very unique beaks.  Some interesting facts about toucans are their bills have vibrant colors which help them camouflage in the dense forest.  They have to camouflage themselves from predators such as snakes.  They live high above on top of the trees.  Toucans have a loud call and communicate very loudly.  These birds are very social spending most of their time in pairs and flocks.  Living in packs is a defense mechanism.  They protect each other by scaring away their enemies using their loud chorus calls.

The Lord was emphasizing Toucans in my dream.  He will be emphasizing to you the call in your life.  You will be stepping into things that you have never stepped into before.  The Lord has new plans and destiny for your life.

This leads me to those cute Toucan birds.  I heard Toucan=You Can!=2Can.  He is saying YOU CAN step into the calling I have for your life.  YOU CAN step into the things you have never stepped into before.  He says I will camouflage you in the dense forest and protect you from the predator the snake(enemy).  He wants you to live high above like on the top of trees.  He will raise you to a higher place than where you are now in your life.  He wants us to be social and spend a lot of time with friends and family.  When we all come together in a pack that is our defense mechanism.  We protect each other and we can scare away the predator the snake using our LOUD CALL which is PRAISE and WORSHIP!

The equation I heard Toucan=You Can!=2Can was so loud!  The 2Can means you and God.  The 2 of you doing it together.  The 2 of you can!  Grab a hold of his hand because 2Can=You Can!=Toucan. 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


The Lord showed me a white canvas with paint and brushes.  He wants his people to paint on the blank canvas, a picture of what they are ASKING for, that they think is IMPOSSIBLE.  I saw people painting from their heart and these people weren’t artists.  It was so deep each stroke of the brush and each color that was chosen.  These paintings were prayers.  I looked into the people’s eyes and focused, and their eyes spoke to me.  I heard IMPOSSIBLE PRAYERS they were asking.  The Lord specifically wants you to pray for things in your life that you think are IMPOSSIBLE.  He wants you to paint your IMPOSSIBLE PRAYERS on this blank canvas because he wants to show you that he will make POSSIBLE PRAYERS!  God can do anything.  Many people forget that and give up asking.  The Lord wants you to ASK!  As the people painted the IMPOSSIBLE it came to LIFE.  The Lord anointed these paintings with oil.. You could actually feel the emotions coming off of the painting.  After they were anointed the paintings came off the canvas and came to LIFE.  What was IMPOSSIBLE he made POSSIBLE!  He wants you to paint your canvas for him. This is your NEW PAINTED PICTURE FOR 2019!

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


I saw a BULLDOZER being driven by the HANDS OF THE LORD.  A powerful tractor with a large blade in the front.  It was flattening areas of new ground.  I saw things of the past that the Lord is EXPOSING.  He is clearing out the land.  Lay down the things of the past.  He is TRANSPOSING.  He will transfer, shift and relocate you as he BULLDOZES through.  He is building NEW ROADS, NEW PATHWAYS, NEW DIRECTIONS, NEW AREAS and NEW POSITIONS.  He is BULLDOZING through because they don’t exist yet. As the shift happens he will make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE!  You need to follow the EXPOSING TRANSPOSING BULLDOZING as he relocates you.  He is saying “YOU WILL SEE MY HAND DO MIGHTY THINGS IN 2019”.  As you allow his MIGHTY HAND to work in your life I see the words BRAND HAND.  His HAND is so MIGHTY and on FIRE that the mark of his fiery HAND will BRAND you. Like when farmers mark their animals with a branding iron.  He will mark and BRAND you with his HAND.  As he places his HAND on your life and calling you will feel the BRAND.  Stay FOCUSED….TOUCAN=YOU CAN!=2CAN TO PAINT THE IMPOSSIBLE TO POSSIBLE PRAYERS AS HE EXPOSES TRANSPOSES BULLDOZES WITH HIS BRAND HAND

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Writing this today God has given me so much confirmation that he makes me laugh.  As I was writing this in my notebook earlier today my son turned the TV on and there it was I saw a bunch of cute cartoon Toucans, I think the movie Rio was on.  Then as I was driving today I looked up and saw a paint place with a white canvas.  Tonight I picked up my daughter from dancing and when we were walking back to my truck there was a huge bulldozer parked behind me in the parking lot how crazy I love how God speaks to me!!

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