I’m sure you are all familiar with the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  Great lyrics:


This boat is your life!  Because, it is yours you give it direction.  You are the Captain.  You choose where it goes.  Don’t worry about anyone else’s boat but your own.  God created YOU!  He created your LIFE!   It’s YOUR BOAT!

Then the Weather comes.  Sometimes the Weather is good and Sunny and sometimes it’s destructive.  At times you face heavy winds, storms, rocks and sharks(enemy).  Praise him in the storm, go deeper in his word.  In my dream I see turbulence blowing around that it tried to tip your boat over.  These winds and waves are such lies!  As the water gets ROUGH God makes you TOUGH!

As you are Rowing be careful of the distractions that surround you.  Stay focused. Sometimes we focus on too many other things in our life, like material things or worry and anxiety.  It will make your boat sink.  When you have those kinds of things in your boat(life) your out of balance in your rowing.  They are dead weight in your boat and there is no room for them.  Its making you lag behind so get it out of your boat.  IT’S TIME TO ROW YOUR BOAT.  ROW, ROW, ROW.

You need to keep Rowing Forward not Backward.  Don’t look back behind you when Rowing it will make you turn to the right or the left.  Follow God’s straight path.  Stop looking back at the Past its done and over.  Move Forward Keep Rowing.  ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT.


There is a time to be GENTLE.  There is a time for GENTLE ROWING.  To slow down and enjoy the beauty around you.  The Lord wants you to feel his GENTLE TOUCH.  His GENTLE BREATH that blows you down the stream.  GENTLY go with the FLOW that God has created in your life.  He will give you a GENTLE push when you need it down the stream.  Don’t fight going down the stream because it’s not what you think or expect.  Don’t fight against Gods perfect Flow.  It’s Gods Current that flows us GENTLY DOWN HIS STREAM.  Don’t fight Gods Current you will get nowhere and very tired.  His Flow is PERFECT.  Enjoy the process and journey he is about to take you on.  Be flexible in the change and transition.  Don’t hurry and rush what God is doing.


The simplest and one of my most favorite gifts that God gave us was a SMILE.  Be Joyful and Happy.  It warms your Heart and others as well.  God created YOUR SMILE and he loves when you use it.  He doesn’t want you to be fighting and kicking with a frown to where he is leading you.  There is no room for stress and anxiety so turn it into SMILES and EXCITEMENT.  Smile when your Happy and Smile when your sad.  The Lord put that song by Nat King Cole SMILE in my head I love that song.  Check it out and listen.


We always dream of better things to come into our lives.  As we dream we try to set goals and a plan.  We need God with our planning.  He has a Destiny and Calling in our life that he wants us to fulfill.  As we Row our boat he will Gently lead us to our Calling and Destiny.  It will make us Merrily and Joyful that it will feel like a dream.  Are you allowing God to work in your life and on your boat to help your dreams come to life or are you making things a nightmare?  Your dreams are what God is going to fulfill.  Tell him the dreams you want in your life.  We have the ability to choose what our life will be with the help of God.  He always gives us a choice.  Don’t choose the nightmare!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6


There is a New Sound Arising as I heard this song being sung by people in my dream.  I saw people from all the nations singing this song.  They were so thankful, but they cried out corporately that they need more.  As they sang it was a very deep and weighty sound.  It carried a Holy Invasion.  It carried a Breaker Anointing for impact.  Flowing through families, cities, streets, oceans and nations.  It was Powerful and Bold!

As ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT was sung it was getting louder and louder.  I could see the sound in the atmosphere.  The layer that was covering Earth was starting to bulge and bubble.  Suddenly it burst through to the Heavens.  The atmosphere of OPEN HEAVENS.  The Breakthrough happened.  There were New Levels of Breakthrough.  God was flooding the airwaves and bringing Miracles, Healings and Salvations.

“May the clouds in the skie’s above pour goodness on the earth like rain.  May the earth open up to let salvation grow.  And may goodness grow with the salvation, which I, the Lord, created.” Isaiah 45:8

“The One who Breaks Through Walls will push through and walk to the front of his people.  They will break through the gates and leave that city.  They will leave with their king marching before them-with the Lord at the front of his people.” Micah 2:13

As the sound BURST it BIRTHED.  It’s BIRTHING TIME!  A Major SHIFT and BREAKTHROUGH was happening.  I saw the Lord working deeply under the people’s boats.  There were things hidden beneath the boat.  There are things hidden in your life that the Lord is working deeply on.  Things that are deep within you.  I saw seaweed tangled and mangled under the boat that was preventing the boat to move forward.  I saw the Llord cutting away the seaweed and the boat was released to move freely in the water.  I see the seaweed tangled and mangled roots entrapping the bodies of people and the Lord is cutting them free to move forward in his Current.

I also saw hard scales on the bottom of these boats that had accumulated over time.  It was marine deposits that had hardened on in layers and stubborn stain.  These hard scales from Yuck that was Stuck on the boat from the water wasn’t coming off.  I see these similar scales on the EYES of people as well, they are blinders.  The Lord took a sharp blade and removed the crusty scales.  I saw layers of scales falling off the EYES.

“And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight.  Then he rose and was baptized.” Acts 9:18

This New Sound is bringing such an atmospheric shift.  As the nations were all crying out singing together ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT it was bringing such UNITY.  All different areas were coming together, different denominations, generations and nationalities were coming together in UNITY, GENTLY flowing down the stream and Merrily they were.  Life was but a dream that I saw tons of FISH flopping and jumping into the boats.  These beautiful FISH are such a gift.  I saw many loving words written all over these boats.  The boat (LIFE) was covered in GOD’S LOVE and TRUTH.  He marked them with his words.  It brought such Healings from within and Healings to the nations.

“Jesus sat down and taught the people from the boat.  When he had finished, he said to Peter, “Now row out to deep water to cast your nets and you will have a great catch.” Master, Peter replied, “we’ve just come back from fishing all night and didn’t catch a thing.  But if you insist, we’ll go out again and let down our nets because of your word.”  When they pulled up their nets, they were shocked to see a huge catch of fish, so much that their nets were ready to burst!  They waved to their business partners in the other boat for help.  They ended up completely filling both boats with fish until their boats began to sink!

So it’s time to sing together in UNITY: 


Love and Blessing,


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