There have been many dark days for many this year.  Many cloudy and cold gloomy days.  Many days feeling fear, doubt, anxiety and STRESS.  Some have had issues with health, money, family and relationships.  We want to be walking in our Calling and Destiny that God has for us.  Everyone has their own story and their own struggles.  The one thing we share in common is that we want to see and feel CHANGE.  We want to see God’s light in our lives.  Well here it comes are you ready?

That’s exactly what I saw the SUN!  Here it comes! Get ready for it!  The Lord is bringing the SUN!  As the SUN was shinning it was so Bright and warm.  You could feel God’s presence.  The SUN brought so much LIGHT that nothing could stay hidden in the dark anymore.  All the enemies plans were EXPOSED.  God created the LIGHT.  He releases the LIGHT in the DARK.  The Lord separates the LIGHT from the DARK.  God said that the light was good.

“And God said “Let there be light”, and there was light.  God saw that it was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.” Genesis 1:3-4

The Lord is bringing the SUN.  He is shining the LIGHT on health, money, family and relationships.  He is bringing the LIGHT in our lives.  I heard the song in my dream Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles.  You should listen to the lyrics.


In my dream I saw the World, I saw the Earth.  I saw every country.  Each country had Dominos lined up.  The Dominos connected to each country and they were standing up side by side.  These Dominos were people and we were all connected wanting the same thing and believing in the same thing.

The Lord then showed me the words DRAMATIC ITALIC DYNAMIC.  The word DRAMATIC means exciting, impressive, sensational, incredible, awesome and breathtaking.  The word ITALIC means a font style that slants or slopes to the RIGHT.  Most writers use this when they want to emphasize something.  The word DYNAMIC means that it can be used as a noun or an adjective.  It describes a process or system that is characterized by constant change, activity or progress or its the force that stimulates change or progress within a system.

The Dominos were ITALIC.  They all started to slant and slope to the RIGHT.  The Lord was emphasizing this to me.  As the Dominos slanted and sloped to the RIGHT it created a DOMINO AFFECT.  It started in the United States and the DOMINO AFFECT traveled to all the nations.  As the Dominos(People) leaned and sloped to the RIGHT(ITALIC) it was the RIGHT direction.  It was the direction of God.  The RIGHT slant brings the BLESSING and the VICTORY.  It’s the RIGHT WAY!

Seeing this DOMINO AFFECT reach all the nations was DRAMATIC.  It was breathtaking, exciting and incredible.  His LIGHT was shinning down on all of them.  This DYNAMIC NEW YEAR will be ITALIC and DRAMATIC.  We will slope and slant to the RIGHT (towards him).  The many things he will be doing in 2019 will be DRAMATIC.  It will leave people excited and impressed by the Lords force that stimulates change in your lives(DYNAMIC).

This DOMINO AFFECT was bringing BREAKTHROUGH upon BREAKTHROUGH for people.  The DOMINO AFFECT was shifting things and bringing Healing.  God will reintroduce himself in DYNAMIC ways in 2019.  Ways we have never seen him before.  He is a very CREATIVE CREATOR.  He is coming to us in a NEW WAY.

This DOMINO AFFECT that I saw in my dream lasted a very long time.  God  will work his CREATIVE MIRACLES and he will give us the game plan that will set us up for a long time.

The year we are going into is 2019.  The Lord was highlighting the number 9 to me.  He is also highlighting a womb to me with a baby in it.   When a women gets pregnant the gestation period is 9 months.  There is the 9 again.  9 months is up!  In 2019 the Lord will be birthing many NEW things because its DELIVERY TIME!

As you watch and see God’s CREATIVE MIRACLES take place in 2019 he wants to feast in his word.  He wants you to DELIVER what he is birthing in you.  He is your Creator, Healer and Savior.

I was taken to another dream with bright PINK FLAMINGOS.  Do you know how FLAMINGOS get their PINK vibrant color?  It’s because of their diet.  It’s the carotene in the food they eat which gives their feathers their distinctive PINK color.  If they don’t eat the carotene they need they become malnourished and they become pale or completely white.  So in order for them to stay vibrant in color they need to feast on the right stuff.

The Lord wants us to feast on his every word.  When we stop feasting on the word of God, we become spiritually malnourished and pale.  When FLAMINGOS are bright PINK they are noticed by people and they can identify them. When we feast upon God’s word we become bright and Christ like.  We are noticed and people can identify us because the bright shines through us.  The goodness oozes out of us like honey.  You are what you eat.

We will perceive God’s voice in a number of ways.  The ear canal can provide sensory experiences that reveal the heart of God.  Are you open and ready to hear all of the unique and creative ways that God will speak to you in 2019?

***I also wanted to share with all of you that I have had a blessed week.  My blog was featured in the TOP 100 Christian Blog Posts on Feedspot.  This is the most comprehensive list of Best Christian Blogs on the internet.  I would highly recommend visiting Christian Blogs.  There are many other amazing bloggers on this list that are worth reading.  God is using all of us in different ways to get his message across and to help and encourage people so lets all work together.  A big thank you goes out to Anju Agarwal the Founder of Feedspot.  Feedspot will help you keep track of all your favorite blogs.***


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  1. You have CONFIRMED so much!
    Thank you for obeying the Lords instruction to post your blogs.
    It truly does encourage and inspire us.
    Congratulations on making the top 100!

  2. Hi Debbie! Your blog is really interesting. I have had a few dreams in the past that seem crazy, but I know God was speaking to me, wanting me to dig a little deeper. Your interpretations resonate with me. Blessings and congratulations on being awarded the top 100 Christian blog!

    1. KD thank you for the beautiful comment. God is definetly speaking to you in your dreams. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you forget what your dream was or your not sure what it means yet. I always leave a pen and notebook next to my bed so I can write it down before I forget. I’ll be praying for you that as you go a little deeper God will reveal more to you! Have a blessed day and SWEET DREAMS!! 😊❤

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