The Lord is moving, shaking, cleansing and purging.  He wants you marked with his purity.  The Lord is highlighting toilets to me.  Toilets are used to flush away waste.  In a recent dream I had the Lord was highlighting toilets and his “GRAND FLUSH” for many!

The Lord wants to flush away the waste in your life.  He will be cleansing you and removing the unwanted and toxic things in your life.  He is flushing it away.  This will bring spiritual and emotional healing after this “GRAND FLUSH.”

As the waste from your life flushes away you will then move into acceleration.  This is positive since purity and righteousness are critical for advancement.  As the waste from your life is flushed away you now can walk into new relationships, a new financial situation, a new job or career and a new move.

As you allow your waste to be flushed you will now be promoted in a quick time frame.  You will see sudden accelerated promotions especially those who have suffered losses and rejection for a long time.  Start to flush away the things that God has not called you to do especially those things you do only to please others.

The Lord is going to breath upon all of your dry dead places in your life.  Many of you have dry bones and dry bodies.  As his breath hits you it will accelerate you into promotion and the dry and dead will come to LIFE.  You will know his love and move in courage and boldness.

As the Lord breathes on your dry bones and dead places of your life they will begin to shake and rattle.  They will beginning to show signs of life again.  You are coming back to life in Jesus name!  I see Ezekiel 37.

dry bones

Some of these dead places in your life that were being brought on by the enemy has made many hearts turn to STONE.  Many have had years of torment.  In this “GRAND FLUSH” you will see and feel the Lord’s heart this month.  You will see his kindness, goodness and power.  He will heal your heart and bring it back to life.  You will know what Love feels like again and you will know how to give others Love again.  It’s February what a perfect month for LOVE!

heart stone

You will start to have powerful encounters of his Love.  The enemy the Fox came into your relationship with the Lord and brought fear.  ” You must catch the troubling foxes, those sly little foxes that hinder our relationship.  For they raid our budding vineyard of love to ruin what I’ve planted within you.  Will you catch them and remove them for me?  We will do it together.” Song of Songs 2:15 Come back to your first Love.  Through the beautiful encounters many will be changed by his Love and Goodness as he releases it onto them.  You will hear his whispers of Love in your ear.  You will carry the Love of his heart as you linger with him in the vineyard.

first love

A breakthrough shift was happening.  All the attempts of the enemy, to attack, to torment, to bring fear was given the “GRAND FLUSH” by the powerful hand of God.  Many have become weary in the battle but the Lord is training us to stand.  God is moving with his Mighty Hand with his “GRAND FLUSH!”

He is breaking and flushing the attempts of the enemy and strengthening and promoting you.  This will allow you to take your position where God will train you so you can walk into all he has for you.

Many have felt the winds of confusion brought on by the enemy.  Many have lost their steps and footing.  Many have lost what direction they need to be moving in to.  The Lord is flushing the winds of confusion and breathing the winds of advancement and promotion on you.  You will be pushed by his breath the area you need to be in.

The Lords “GRAND FLUSH” will change everything.  You will be blessed and refreshed.  You will feel cleaned out and lighter.  You won’t have the enemy’s weighty waste in you any longer.  The Lord’s “GRAND FLUSH” is upon you!  Wait for him!


Because the Lord was highlighting toilets to me I stumbled upon this funny song.  There is a time to be serious and God also wants us to have a time to laugh.  I love to laugh I am sure my family would agree with me when I say that.  The simplest things make me laugh and I get that loud jolly laugh deep within my belly.  It just does something to your body it releases the stresses of life.  So I hope you get a little laugh from this video.  My kids and I sure did.

After watching this and laughing at the end I was in a serious prayer mode.  It stated that children are dying without toilets.  This is very serious.  In some countries they don’t have enough toilets so people are going to the bathroom outdoors.  It ends up seeping into the groundwater and its difficult to avoid ingesting it.  This leads to children getting sick and dying.  It is so terribly sad to me.  I am praying that this problem will be resolved.  I hope you will pray too!  See how the Lord works.  He led me to watch this funny song and get a good laugh and he moved me to pray into this situation.

Love and Blessings,


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