Many of you are about to give birth to TWINS which means the Lord is giving you DOUBLE BLESSING and DOUBLE PORTION!

The enemy right now is fighting so hard in your life.  This TROUBLE he brings is preventing you from getting your TWINS your DOUBLE BLESSING.  He is trying his hardest.  Let me ask you are you trying your hardest?

Act now! Stand up and you fight back with prayer.  Don’t allow the enemy to have his way.  There is a ROAR in the atmosphere do you hear it?  As the Lord is ROARING you need to ROAR with him over this battle and things WILL CHANGE.

Pray and Decree with him that the POWER he releases will SHIFT THINGS.  Pray and Decree that things will NOT stay the same.  Pray and Decree with him that things will change.

It was very clear to me that we mustn’t stop fighting.  It is so important to ROAR with the Lord right now this minute.  It will prevent what the enemy has planned.

There is a ROAR of VICTORY that will take place if you stand right now and ROAR with the Lord.  Its done together you and him. It is very intimate.

As the 2(DOUBLE) ROARS(YOU and HIM) joined together the ROAR OF VICTORY will burst forth!  You will see things change and you will see your DOUBLE BLESSINGS!

As your ROAR gets louder you will DEEPLY seek the Lord more and more and you will devour his word that is TRUTH!  This will bring MAJOR changes MAJOR shifts and MAJOR impartations of FIRE that will be released to you!

As you get into DEEP intimacy with the Lord he will give you DEEP revelation and strategy.  You will feel the FIRE in your bones!

In my dream it was very clear to what was happening and what needed to be done.  Huge amounts of people were being attacked by the enemy and their TWINS(DOUBLE BLESSING) was being held hostage.  The people managed to get away but they didn’t get their TWINS back.  They began to DIAL 911 for HELP.  The number 911 is the universal emergency number for everyone in the United States.  Emergency assistance from police, fire and ambulance services.  HELP was coming and I saw the 911 turn into 119(psalm).  The Lord was on his way to HELP with the TRUTH of his word.  His word lit up the path and gave the people direction and strategy.  He opened their eyes to see the DEEP and HIDDEN TREASURES and they were able to retrieve their TWINS back.

Psalm 119 focuses on the TRUTH of God’s word.  We need to absolutely stay focused on everything he says.  That’s where our HELP 911 to 119 comes from!  If you stay focused on his word it won’t matter what TROUBLE the enemy swirls around you.

You will live in FREEDOM VICTORY and KNOWLEDGE of God’s ways.  His word is POWERFUL, RIGHTEOUS and FAITHFUL.  It never changes.  His heart is TRUE to us and we are BLESSED to walk in it!  We see God’s character as Perfect, Trustworthy, Radiant and Pure!

Dialing 911 to turning to psalm 119 will HELP us!  His TRUTH will make us wise, it will train us in righteousness and equip us for every good work.

More confirmation.  It’s funny because yesterday I had to take a CPR class for my job that we have to update every few years.  Well I was reminded of something that happened to me when I was a child that has to do with 911 to 119 that I was sharing with my co workers.  I was eating dinner with my family and my dad started choking on food.  My mom is a nurse and she was trying to do the Heimlich maneuver on him and she shouted to me “Debbie DIAL 911!”  The call wouldn’t go through.  My dad ended up being fine and the food was dislodged and I realized why the 911 call didn’t go through, it’s because I dialed 119!!  Silly me, I guess I was in the state of panic.  

So when you’re in the state of panic and need emergency HELP if you DIAL 911 and your call doesn’t go through you may need to go to psalm 119 for HELP and it will be on the way!  When you have time read psalm 119, it’s very long and very good!  I posted it below or read your own bible:)

Love and Blessings,


Psalm 119 The Passion Translation (TPT)
The Words of God[a]
The Way to Happiness
You’re only truly happy when you walk in total integrity,[b]
walking in the light of God’s word.
What joy overwhelms everyone who keeps the ways of God,
those who seek him as their heart’s passion!
They’ll never do what’s wrong
but will always choose the paths of the Lord.
God has prescribed the right way to live:
obeying his laws with all our hearts.
How I long for my life to bring you glory
as I follow each and every one of your holy precepts!
Then I’ll never be ashamed,
for I take strength from all your commandments.
I will give my thanks to you from a heart of love and truth.
And every time I learn more of your righteous judgments,
I will be faithful to all that your word reveals—
so don’t ever give up on me!
True Joy
How can a young man stay pure?
Only by living in the word of God and walking in its truth.
I have longed for you with the passion of my heart;
don’t let me stray from your directions!
I consider your prophecies[c] to be my greatest treasure,
and I memorize them and write them on my heart
to keep me from committing sin’s treason against you.
My wonderful God, you are to be praised above all;
teach me the power of your decrees!
I speak continually of your laws
as I recite out loud your counsel to me.
I find more joy in following what you tell me to do
than in chasing after all the wealth of the world.
I set my heart on your precepts
and pay close attention to all your ways.
My delight is found in all your laws,
and I won’t forget to walk in your words.
The Abundant Life
Let me, your servant, walk in abundance of life
that I may always live to obey your truth.
Open my eyes to see the miracle-wonders hidden in your word.
My life on earth is so brief, so tutor me in the ways of your wisdom.
I am continually consumed by these irresistible longings,
these cravings to obey your every commandment!
Your displeasure rests with those who are arrogant,
who think they know everything;
you rebuke the rebellious who refuse your laws.
Don’t let them mock and scorn me for obeying you.
For even if the princes and my leaders choose to criticize me,
I will continue to serve you and walk in your plans for my life.
Your commandments are my counselors;
your word is my light and delight!
Revived by the Word
Lord, I’m fading away. I’m discouraged and lying in the dust;
revive me by your word, just like you promised you would.
I’ve poured out my life before you,
and you’ve always been there for me.
So now I ask: teach me more of your holy decrees.
Open up my understanding to the ways of your wisdom
and I will meditate deeply on your splendor and your wonders.
My life’s strength melts away with grief and sadness;
come strengthen me and encourage me with your words.
Keep me far away from what is false;
give me grace to stay true to your laws.
I’ve chosen to obey your truth
and walk in the splendor-light of all that you teach me.
Lord, don’t allow me to make a mess of my life,
for I cling to your commands and follow them as closely as I can.
I will run after you with delight in my heart,
for you will make me obedient to your instructions.
Understanding God’s Ways
Give me revelation about the meaning of your ways
so I can enjoy the reward of following them fully.
Give me an understanding heart so that I can
passionately know and obey your truth.
Guide me into the paths that please you,
for I take delight in all that you say.
Cause my heart to bow before your words of wisdom
and not to the wealth of this world.
Help me turn my eyes away from illusions
so that I pursue only that which is true;
drench my soul with life as I walk in your paths.[d]
Reassure me of your promises, for I am your beloved,
your servant who bows before you.
Defend me from the criticism I face
for keeping your beautiful words.
See how I long with cravings for more of your ways?
Let your righteousness revive my spirit!
Trust in the Lord
May your tender love overwhelm me, O Lord,
for you are my Savior and you keep your promises.
I’ll always have an answer for those who mock me
because I trust in your word.
May I never forget your truth, for I rely upon your precepts.
I will observe your laws every moment of the day
and will never forget the words you say.
I will walk with you in complete freedom,
for I seek to follow your every command.
When I stand before kings, I will tell them the truth
and will never be ashamed.
My passion and delight is in your word,
for I love what you say to me!
I long for more revelation of your truth,
for I love the light of your word as I meditate on your decrees.
My Comfort
Lord, never forget the promises you’ve made to me,
for they are my hope and confidence.
In all of my affliction I find great comfort in your promises,
for they have kept me alive!
No matter how bitterly the proud mockers speak against me,
I refuse to budge from your precepts.
Your revelation-light is eternal;
I’m encouraged every time I think about your truth!
Whenever I see the wicked breaking your laws, I feel horrible.
As I journey through life, I put all your statutes to music;
they become the theme of my joyous songs.
Throughout the night I think of you, dear God;
I treasure your every word to me.
All this joy is mine as I follow your ways!
My Heart Is Devoted to You
You are my satisfaction, Lord, and all that I need,
so I’m determined to do everything you say.
With all my heart I seek your favor;
pour out your grace on me as you promised!
When I realize that I’m going astray,
I turn back to obey your instructions.
I give my all to follow your revelation-light; I will not delay to obey.
Even when temptations encircle me with evil,
I won’t forget for a moment to follow your commands.
In the middle of the night I awake to give thanks to you
because of all your revelation-light; so right and true!
Anyone who loves you and bows in obedience to your words
will be my friend.
Give me more revelation of your ways,
for I see your love and tender care everywhere.
My True Treasure
Your extravagant kindness to me
makes me want to follow your words even more!
Teach me how to make good decisions,
and give me revelation-light, for I believe in your commands.
Before I was humbled I used to always wander astray,
but now I see the wisdom of your words.
Everything you do is beautiful, flowing from your goodness;
teach me the power of your wonderful words!
Proud boasters make up lies about me
because I am passionate to follow all that you say.
Their hearts are dull and void of feelings,
but I find my true treasure in your truth.
The punishment you brought me through was the best thing
that could have happened to me, for it taught me your ways.
The words you speak to me are worth more
than all the riches and wealth in the whole world!
Growth through the Word
Your very hands have held me and made me who I am;
give me more revelation-light so I may learn to please you more.
May all your lovers see how you treat me and be glad,
for your words are entwined within my heart.
Lord, I know that your judgments are always right.
Even when it’s me you judge, you’re still faithful and true.
Send your kind mercy-kiss to comfort me, your servant,
just like you promised you would.
Love me tenderly so I can go on,
for I delight in your life-giving truth.
Shame upon the proud liars! See how they oppress me,
all because of my passion for your precepts!
May all your lovers follow me
as I follow the path of your instruction.
Make me passionate and wholehearted to fulfill your every wish,
so that I’ll never have to be ashamed of myself.
Deliver Me
I’m lovesick with yearnings for more of your salvation,
for my heart is entwined with your word.
I’m consumed with longings for your promises,
so I ask, “When will they all come true?”
My soul feels dry and shriveled, useless and forgotten,
but I will never forget your living truth.
How much longer must I wait until you punish my persecutors?
For I am your loving servant.
Arrogant men who hate your truth and never obey your laws
have laid a trap for my life.
They don’t know that everything you say is true,
so they harass me with their lies. Help me, Lord!
They’ve nearly destroyed my life, but I refuse to yield;
I still live according to your word.
Revive me with your tender love and
spare my life by your kindness, and I will continue to obey you.
Faith in the Word of God
Standing firm in the heavens and fastened to eternity
is the word of God.
Your faithfulness flows from one generation to the next;
all that you created sits firmly in place to testify of you.
By your decree everything stands at attention,
for all that you have made serves you.
Because your words are my deepest delight,
I didn’t give up when all else was lost.
I can never forget the profound revelations you’ve taught me,
for they have kept me alive more than once.
Lord, I’m all yours, and you are my Savior;
I have sought to live my life pleasing to you.
Even though evil men wait in ambush to kill me,
I will set my heart before you to understand more of your ways.
I’ve learned that there is nothing perfect
in this imperfect world except your words,
for they bring such fantastic freedom into my life!
I Love the Word of God
O how I love and treasure the revelation of your word;
throughout the day I fill my heart with its light!
By considering your commands I have an edge over my enemies,
for I take seriously everything you say.
You have given me more understanding than those who teach me,
for I’ve absorbed your eye-opening revelation.
You have graced me with more insight than the old sages
because I have not failed to walk in the light of your ways.
I refused to bend my morals when temptation was before me
so that I could become obedient to your word.
I refuse to turn away from difficult truths,
for you yourself have taught me to love your words.
How sweet are your living promises to me;
sweeter than honey is your revelation-light.
For your truth is the source of my understanding,
not the falsehoods of those who don’t know you, which I despise.
Truth’s Shining Light
Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions;
the revelation of your word makes my pathway clear.
To live my life by your righteous rules
has been my holy and lifelong commitment.
I’m bruised and broken, overwhelmed by it all;
breathe life into me again by your living word.
Lord, receive my grateful thanks
and teach me more of how to please you.
Even though my life hangs in the balance,
I’ll keep following what you’ve taught me, no matter what.
The ungodly have done their best to throw me off track,
but I’ll not deviate from what you’ve told me to do.
Everything you speak to me is like joyous treasure,
filling my life with gladness.
I have determined in my heart to obey whatever you say,
fully and forever!
Trust and Obey
I despise those who can’t keep commitments,
for I passionately love your revelation-light!
You’re my place of quiet retreat, and your wrap-around presence
becomes my shield as I wrap myself in your word!
Go away! Leave me, all you workers of wickedness,
for you can’t stop me from following every command of my God.
Lord, strengthen my inner being by the promises of your word
so that I may live faithful and unashamed for you.
Lift me up and I will be safe.
Empower me to live every moment in the light of your ways.
Lord, you reject those who reject your laws,
for they fool no one but themselves!
The wicked are thrown away, discarded and valueless.
That’s why I will keep loving all of your laws!
My body trembles in holy awe of you, leaving me speechless,
for I’m frightened of your righteous judgments.
I Will Follow Your Ways
Don’t leave me to the mercies of those who hate me,
for I live to do what is just and fair.
Let me hear your promise of blessing over my life,
breaking me free from the proud oppressors.
As a lovesick lover, I yearn for more of your salvation
and for your virtuous promises.
Let me feel your tender love, for I am yours.
Give me more understanding of your wonderful ways.
I need more revelation from your word
to know more about you, for I’m in love with you!
Lord, the time has come for you to break through,
for evil men keep breaking your laws.
Truly, your message of truth means more to me
than a vault filled with the purest gold.
Every word you speak, every truth revealed, is always right
and beautiful to me, for I hate what is phony or false.
I Long to Obey You
Your marvelous words are living miracles;
no wonder I long to obey everything you say.
Break open your word within me until revelation-light shines out!
Those with open hearts are given insight into your plans.
I open my mouth and inhale the word of God
because I crave the revelation of your commands.
Turn your heart to me, Lord, and show me your grace
like you do to every one of your godly lovers.
Prepare before me a path filled with your promises,
and don’t allow even one sin to have dominion over me.
Rescue me from the oppression of ungodly men
so that I can keep all your precepts.
Smile on me, your loving servant.[e]
Instruct me on what is right in your eyes.
When I witness the rebellious breaking your laws,
it makes me weep uncontrollably!
His Word Is True
Lord, your judgments reveal your righteousness,
and your verdicts are always fair.
The motive behind your every word is pure,
and your teachings are remarkably faithful and true.
I’ve been consumed with a furious passion to do what’s right,
all because of the way my enemies disrespect your laws.
All your promises glow with fire;[f]
that’s why I’m a lover of your word.
Even though I’m considered insignificant and despised
by the world, I’ll never abandon your ways.
Your righteousness has no end; it is everlasting,
and your rules are perfectly fair.
Even though my troubles overwhelm me with anguish,
I still delight and cherish every message you speak to me.
Give me more revelation so that I can live for you,
for nothing is more pure and eternal than your truth.
Save Me, God
Answer my passionate prayer, O Lord,
and I’ll obey everything you say.
Save me, God, and I’ll follow your every instruction.
Before the day dawns, I’ll be crying out for help
and wrapping your words into my life.
I lie awake every night pondering your promises to me.
Lord, listen to my heart’s cry, for I know your love is real for me;
breathe life into me again by the revelation of your justice.
Here they come—these lawless rebels are coming near,
but they are all so far away from your laws.
God, you are near me always, so close to me;
every one of your commands reveals truth.
I’ve known all along how true and unchanging
is every word you speak, established forever!
Breathe Life into Me Again
Look upon all my misery and come be my hero to rescue me,
for I will never forget what you’ve revealed to me.
Take my side and defend me in these sufferings;
redeem me and revive me, just like you promised you would.
The wicked are so far from salvation,
for they could not care less about your message of truth.
Your tender mercies are what I need, O God;
give me back my life again
through the revelation of your judgments.
I have so many enemies who persecute me,
yet I won’t swerve from following your ways.
I grieve when I see how the faithless ones live,
for they just walk away from your promises.
Lord, see how much I truly love your instructions.
So in your tender kindness, breathe life into me again.
The sum total of all your words adds up to absolute truth,
and every one of your righteous decrees is everlasting.
Devoted to God’s Word
The powerful elite have persecuted me without a cause,
but my heart trembles in awe because of your miracle-words.
Your promises are the source of my bubbling joy;
the revelation of your word thrills me
like one who has discovered hidden treasure.
I despise every lie and hate every falsehood,
for I am passionate about keeping your precepts.
I stop to praise you seven times a day,
all because your ways are perfect!
There is such a great peace and well-being that comes
to the lovers of your word, and they will never be offended.
Lord, I’m longing for more of your salvation,
for I want to do what pleases you.
My love for your ways is indescribable;
in my innermost being I want to follow them perfectly!
I will keep your instructions and follow your counsel;
all my ways are an open book before you.
I Want to Follow You
Lord, listen to my prayer. It’s like a sacrifice I bring to you;
I must have more revelation of your word!
Take my words to heart when I ask you, Lord;
rescue me, just like you promised!
I offer you my joyous praise for all that you’ve taught me.
Your wonderful words will become my song of worship,
for everything you’ve commanded is perfect and true.
Place your hands of strength and favor upon me,
for I’ve made my choice to follow your ways.
I wait for your deliverance, O Lord,
for your words thrill me like nothing else!
Invigorate my life so that I can praise you even more,
and may your truth be my strength!
I’ll never forget what you’ve taught me, Lord,
but when I wander off and lose my way,
come after me, for I am your beloved!

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