Last night during my sleep hours did I see something cool that I want to share!  All these people, these FAITHFUL ONES, these MIGHTY ONES were FLYING LIKE AN EAGLE!  In my dream the Lord said “FLY LIKE AN EAGLE!”  And I kept hearing the verse of a song replay over and over.  It was Fly Like An Eagle by Seal.

Interesting facts: Eagles are admired by the world as living symbols of freedom, power and transcendence.  Eagles have amazing eye sight that can detect prey up to two miles away.  Sight is the strongest of all Eagle senses.  The eyes are very large.  An Eagles vision is 4-5 times better than a humans vision.

There are WINDS OF FAVOR that are picking up dramatically.  This WIND was helping the FAITHFUL ONES FLY!  This WIND OF FAVOR had the strength of a hurricane wind or tornado wind, but it wasn’t destructive.  This WIND OF FAVOR had strength to accelerate us into increase.

The Lord is dreaming with his people sending downloads from Heaven.  As you FLY LIKE AN EAGLE in his WINDS OF FAVOR you are going to see how he “PULLS THIS OFF” in your life.  You will see impossibilities turned to possibilities!

As the WINDS OF FAVOR blew through people, those that remained in faith and positioned would receive overflow of blessings.  As these FAITHFUL ONES remained in faith and positioned to FLY LIKE AN EAGLE the WINDS OF FAVOR blew away distractions, chaos and issues with the hearts and minds.

Don’t allow fear to hide your WINGS!  The Lord wants you to find your WINGS and SOAR into the NEW DOORS that are waiting wide open for you!  As you FLY LIKE AN EAGLE others will see Christ in you.  You will FLY with FREEDOM, POWER and TRANSCENDENCE!

You will be in the “RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME!”  You will be in the “RIGHT POSITION” to be picked up by the WINDS OF FAVOR.  As you keep your EYES on him you will SEE like you never have before.  You will have amazing EYE SIGHT which will see the enemy’s plans before they can happen.  Don’t get distracted and don’t live in jealousy for what your EYES are seeing that other people have that you do not have.  Jesus WILL keep his promises to YOU and make all things NEW!  Anything that has turned BITTER and SOUR in your life he will make SWEET!

I think of these candies SOUR PATCH KIDS.  Man, those things are nasty and terrible for you in my opinion, but many people like them and I have a point to make.  As you suck on them they are incredibly BITTER and SOUR and its funny to watch the funny faces people make when eating them, but as you stay with it and keep sucking they actually turn SWEET.  So certain areas in your life may seem BITTER and SOUR but stay with it and stay focused and Jesus will turn those areas in your life SWEET again!

As you FLY LIKE AN EAGLE and SOAR HIGH you will SEE greater heavenly insight and clarity!  The Lord is calling his people “to come up higher!”  The Lord said “As you SOAR you will ROAR with my love!”

“But those who wait for Yahweh’s grace will experience divine strength.  They will rise up on soaring wings and fly like eagles, run their race without growing weary, and walk through life without giving up.” Isaiah 40:31(TPT)

As you SOAR higher and higher you will SEE NEW LEVELS of BREAKTHROUGH and you will become STRONGER from the inside-out!  I see him strengthening HEARTS! YOU are gaining a NEW STRENGTH!

“I know what it means to lack, and I know what it means to experience overwhelming abundance.  For I’m trained in the secret of overcoming all things, whether in fullness or in hunger.  And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.” Philippians 4:12-13 (TPT)



The Lord showed me that there are “Secrets in the Wings!”  You FAITHFUL ONES are chosen to receive these WINGS.   As these WINGS help you FLY there are “HIDDEN SECRETS” in the WING FEATHERS that you do not know.

“Judah, pray to me, and I will answer you.  I will tell you important secrets.  You have never heard these things before.” Jeremiah 33:3(ERV)

“He knows hidden secrets that are hard to understand.  Light lives with him, so he knows what is in the dark and secret places.” Daniel 2:22(ERV)

As you FLY with “SECRETS OF THE WINGS” he will guide you to where your TREASURE CHEST is!  Its in a “SECRET” place.  Your TREASURE CHEST represents revelation and overflow of blessings!  It represents such provision and breakthrough that the Lord is planning to release to YOU!  He will reveal the HIDDEN things in the “SECRETS IN THE WINGS!”

Its time to GATHER all the things the Lord has told you and tuck them into your WINGS and FLY LIKE AN EAGLE!   With these EAGLE EYES you will have NEW INSIGHT to these HEAVENLY REALITIES that you can’t SEE in the natural realm!

“You satisfy my every desire with good things.  You’ve supercharged my life so that I soar again like a flying eagle in the sky!”  Psalm 103:5(TPT)

Its time to FLY LIKE AN EAGLE!  Such confirmation as my daughter was looking in her animal book that she got in the mail the other day and came up to me and showed me a picture of an Eagle!  She didn’t know what I was writing about LOL!


Love and Blessings,


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