DIAMONDS are Jewels that have been through the FIRE and yet remain shining with God’s Glory.  Have you felt like you have been through the FIRE?

The word “DIAMOND” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “UNBREAKABLE”

DIAMONDS start off as very ugly looking stones.  They were formed by great heat and pressure in dark places of the earth.  The DIAMOND grows under pressure and heat.  The fiery heat and pressure over time reveal their beauty after being cut and polished.  We have all been exposed to darkness and pressure in our lives.  You are Brite, Beautiful and Valuable!

Every person is a true DIAMOND!  We were formed from the dust from the ground just like DIAMONDS.  A simple humble beginning that starts as dust turns into a purposeful design created for abundance.

“Then the Lord God took dust from the ground and made a man.  He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nose, and the man became a living thing.” Genesis 2:7(ERV)

We are all different physically just like DIAMONDS are different.  God can SEE the ultimate shape of what we can become under his wonderful care!  We need to remember that we are GOD-MADE not MAN-MADE.  You weren’t created or constructed by synthetic things.  You were created by God’s hands!  He made only one YOU!  YOU are rare and precious!

“Can’t you see?
I have carved your name on the palms of my hands!
Your walls are always my concern.” Isaiah 49:16(TPT)

Remember where YOU came from.  You are like a DIAMOND!  An enduring, unbreakable symbol of love that brings such SPARKLE!!

How are we related to DIAMONDS?  DIAMONDS are unconquerable.  Nothing can break YOU!  A DIAMIOND starts off as a dirty stone that handles stress and fire exceptionally well!  The rigorous fire and pressure we have all been through in our lives hasn’t been for nothing.  A precious DIAMOND is always lit with one special light that brings out its true beauty.  It allows the DIAMOND to SPARKLE and send light in every direction.  This light comes from the Lord.  As he shines his light on us it allows us to shine light and SPARKLE it onto others.  We have to offer ourselves to the Lord for him to cut, polish and fire us to perfection.  Just like a DIAMOND offers itself to a Jeweler.

“If your faith remains strong, even while surrounded by life’s difficulties, you will continue to experience the untold blessings of God! True happiness comes as you pass the test with faith, and receive the victorious crown of life promised to every lover of God!” James 1:12(TPT)

Remember the 4 C’s of a DIAMOND: CUT, COLOR, CLARITY and CARAT

The CUT of a DIAMOND is important.  If it isn’t CUT correctly or enough it won’t SPARKLE.  Its important for the Lord to cut off unimportant things in our life that are not pure.  As he cuts of the unwanted it allows us to SPARKLE!

“If your right hand makes you sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.” Matthew 5:30 (ERV)

The COLOR is what people notice in a DIAMOND.  A high quality DIAMOND is colorless and pure.  There is nothing hiding in this DIAMOND.  Our COLOR matters!  We need to stay pure and colorless where nothing is hiding in our hearts.  People will see you stand out!  You will be noticed with your pure motives and good choices.

“So put to death and deprive of power the evil longings of your earthly body [with its sensual, self-centered instincts] immorality, impurity, sinful passion, evil desire, and greed, which is [a kind of] idolatry [because it replaces your devotion to God].” Colossians 3:5(AMP)

Then there is CLARITY which can relate to internal and external flaws.  Most of these flaws in a DIAMOND you can only see with a magnifying glass.  In a person many people can’t see these flaws but the individual has to deal with these flaws.  Some people struggle with their self worth and confidence.  We need to allow the Lord to work on our CLARITY.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:6 (KJV)

Finally people notice a DIAMONDS CARAT which refers to the DIAMONDS weight.  The more we eat, sleep and live in the word of God the more weighty and filled up we will be. You will be a BIG CARAT!

He answered, “The Scriptures say:
Bread alone will not satisfy,[a]
but true life is found in every word,
which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth.” Matthew 4:4(TPT)

It’s time to SPARKLE like a DIAMOND!  Don’t allow anything to dull your SPARKLE!


So in my dream as I saw people of God as DIAMONDS that have been through the FIERY-CUT, they had such SPARKLE and they were ready.  The Lord said it was time!  I saw multitudes of BEARDED BABIES!  I saw these BEARDED BABIES given to people of God going into 2020!

The 20 in 2020 stood out to me.  The 20 symbolizes the cycles of completeness.  It’s connected to a perfect period of waiting or suffering that’s compared to trial and then reward.  The number 20 is associated with trial in your life.  Its a perfect period of waiting and after its completed the reward is generous from God.

For 20 years Jacob waited to get possession of his wives and property, and to be freed from the control of Laban his father-in-law.  For 20 years the children of Israel waited to be freed of Jabin, King of Canaan, who oppressed them.  God’s response was to raise up Deborah and Barak, who freed the people from bondage.

We have had a period of waiting and suffering with many trials and now going into 2020 we will be REWARDING from God.  He is handing out BEARDED BABIES!!  These BEARDED BABIES are MATURE and ready with their full BEARDS!  These BEARDED BABIES are NEW MATURE GIFTS that the Lord is REWARDING us with!

As these BEARDED BABIES came into our lives I saw spiritual warfare.  These evil ones were trying to shave the BEARDS off these BABIES.  They were trying to prevent or abort the NEW things and promises from happening in our lives.  Pay ATTENTION to how you act!  Pay ATTENTION to what you say.  Keep your EYES and HEART on the Lord so things won’t get dismantled.  As you keep your EYES on the Lord you will have 2020 vision of what he wants to show you.

“The eyes of your spirit allow revelation-light to enter into your being. If your heart is unclouded, the light floods in!” Matthew 6:22(TPT)

Listen DIAMONDS you will have so much clarity and vision like never before.  Remember the 4 C’s and your vision (2020) will SPARKLE!!

You have been CUT correctly going into 2020.  The Lord has CUT off all the unwanted.  The unwanted things cause vision to be obstructed and blurry.  You have been CUT and will see clearly.

The COLOR of you is pure and colorless going into 2020.  Nothing dark is standing in the way of your vision.

Your CARAT is big and weighty going into 2020.  The CARAT of your EYES is very BIG to see all the BIG things God will be doing!

And lastly your CLARITY is point on going into 2020!  You will have such crisp sharpness of VISION!

It feels like its been a very long time of fiery trials but it takes a long time to get a good CUT, COLOR, CARAT and CLARITY in ourselves.  But, the Lord said its time to be  rewarded with those BEARDED BABIES!  Are you ready to SPARKLE!!  You can see clearly now!  Its going to be a Brite, Brite Sunshinin day starting in 2020! I heard the song I can see Clearly now by Jimmy Cliff.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Great word Deb!

    Everyday is a work in progress with the 4 C’s but we will overcome as Gods people.

    Many Blessings for 2020!

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