The Lord is setting up a FEAST of FAVOR for his people.  He is inviting you to DINE with him.  The atmosphere will surround you with GREAT BLISS and SPARKLE as you FEAST on GREATER FAVOR that will satisfy your appetite!

“My true hero comes to my rescue,
for the Lord alone is my Savior.
What a feast of favor and bliss he gives his people!” Psalm 3:8(TPT)

Glorious encounters are about to happen with YOU and the Lord!  There is a GREAT PREGNANCY in the atmosphere, the BIRTH of what you are stepping into is about to take place.  There has been a lot of PRESSURE and HEAVINESS on these ONE’S.  Those of you who have had children KNOW that’s exactly what you feel right before you give BIRTH to your BABY!  BIRTH is hard sometimes.  You feel PRESSURE and HEAVINESS, but also EXCITEMENT!  What you are stepping into right now, there has been PRESSURE and HEAVINESS, but God has filled your heart with EXCITEMENT for the NEW BABY that is coming!

The Lord is about to INVITE you to DINE with him at his table and FEAST on his every word!  It will be MEATY!

“Bread alone will not satisfy,
but true life is found in every word,
which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth.” Matthew 4:4(TPT)

As people started to enter a room the Lord was wanting to draw them in closer.  The people followed the aroma of HOT FRESH BREAD!  It was pleasing to the EYE, pleasing to the NOSE and pleasing in TASTE!  The Lord wanted to heighten all the senses!  The Lord was INVITING them to sit down and FEAST on the MEATY FRESH REVELATION he wanted to share with them.

The atmosphere was very comforting and it smelled like HOME!  A HOMEY feeling in receiving the COZY REVELATION of his HEART!  Through this PRESSURE and HEAVINESS lately, people just want to receive some comfort, shelter and warmth.

Some of the OLD WAYS people were FEASTING on for comfort won’t work anymore.  Its like eating STALE BREAD!  NO THANKS!  The Lord wants us to FEAST on the FRESH NEW WAYS, and he will show us how!  It is FRESH REVELATION from his cozy heart!  Its comforting can you smell it?  Follow the smell of FRESH BREAD!

Jesus said to them, “I am the Bread of Life. Come every day to me and you will never be hungry. Believe in me and you will never be thirsty.” John 6:35(TPT)

It is imperative that we FEAST on the MEATY REVELATION that God is giving us.  He will be giving specific direction for you to follow.  Many things that have been done a certain way is now changing.  The things that once were, will no longer be.  Follow his lead.  The very promises that are about to be BIRTHED and the land you are about to step into, the enemy has tried to steal.  The things that were, will no longer be!!!  God is about to increase it even more!

There is a SEAT at this table waiting for YOU, it is yours in Jesus Name!  There is going to be specific REVELATION on the time and season you are in.  He will give you WISDOM on how to move and steward it.

“Wisdom is a gift from a generous God,
and every word he speaks is full of revelation
and becomes a fountain of understanding within you.: Proverbs 2:6(TPT)

The Lord is wanting you to MARINATE in the MEATY REVELATION he is about to share.  He wants you to immerse and soak in it to tenderize you!  He is wanting to release to you the HIDDEN SECRETS that you need to know to step forward.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” Jeremiah 33:3(ESV)

What he is sharing is intimate between you and God!  He wants to share the cherished secrets of his heart privately with YOU and only YOU!

Sometimes when a women is delivering her baby there are too many people in the birthing room that shouldn’t be there.  They aren’t there to support you and your needs.  They aren’t there to keep you FOCUSED!  They SPOIL it!  What I am saying is some people may not understand or agree with what God has you stepping into.  Some of the secrets of his heart he wants intimate between you and him.  So he can guide you and keep you FOCUSED.  He doesn’t want anyone to SPOIL your delivery!

“Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.” Matthew 7:6(NLT)

During this deep intimacy the Lord will be revealing intricate details of what he is going to have you do.  You are going to see and understand the land that is MARKED with your DESTINY!  You are about to move into the GREATEST SEASON of your life, and you will get there as you FEAST the MEAT!  The Lord has prepared you to CARRY what he has put before you.  He is about to guide your way with protection.

There is an invitation to leave behind the noise and distraction and FEAST at the table with the Lord.  Where you are going, you have never been before.  You are going to have to step completely into the NEW MOVE where he is going.  He is going to DOWNLOAD specific information.

You will be MARKED by the REVELATION of Jesus and you will SEE with clarity and provision of the NEW.  This is the HOUR YOU WILL SEE HIS POWER!  What a season of opportunity the Lord has you putting your hands into and breathing upon!  As the Lord BREATHS upon you, you will learn to CARRY his BREATH in your every next step!

I was then taken to the table again were there were dazzling plates and silverware that just threw sparkle everywhere.  I saw the Lord with a MATCH and he LIT a candle.  The FLAME was magnifying!  The Lord started to blow this FIRE on the people.  It was BURNING away FEAR and setting their HEARTS on FIRE for what is to come.  These BURNING ONE’S will be able to release his FIRE in what they are stepping into!

Anytime the Lord is going to do something BIG in your life the enemy tries to invite himself.  I saw the enemy wanting to FEAST the MEAT!  God doesn’t want us to FOCUS on the enemy, but he will give you a plan to BEAT HIM AT HIS OWN GAME!

The enemy came as a Poisonous Snake!  He was trying to Poison the FEAST!  Every bite that you FEAST on from the Lord he will try to Poison the BITE!  Poison is a substance that is capable of causing an illness or death when introduced or absorbed by the body.  The enemy will use this Poison in defense, and to assist with digestion of your FEAST!

God will show you successful methods, so you will gain advantage over the BEAST.  I saw people grabbing the snake by his NECK!  At the NECK the enemy couldn’t BITE and they had CONTROL!  They were able to defeat and triumph over the enemy.

Its time to grab and take hold of his NECK!  The NECK stands for strength and it supports the head and mind.  You will now have strength over him and his mindful tricks!  You will have authority and dominance over him and BEAT HIM AT HIS OWN GAME!


I kept hearing the line of lyrics Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast!  He was saying Be My Guest!  Be My Guest!  Its time to be My Guest!  Sit and Dine with Me!  Have a listen to the song Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast…

Love and Blessings,


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