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Are you ready for take off?  Its time to take off into SEPTEMBER!  The enemy is trying to bring heavy fatigue, but the Lord is wanting you to DANCE INTO SEPTEMBER!  He is AWAKENING YOU!

I see DOORS FLYING WIDE OPEN for you to walk in.  What is in these rooms waiting for you, will BLOW YOU AWAY, leaving you DANCING IN SEPTEMBER!  Its for all generations!

There is an OPENING UP IN SEPTEMBER.  The CERVIX has opened up FULLY to 10 cm, ready for DELIVERY!  Once your CERVIX is open, just like your DOOR is opened, it can’t be closed by anyone!  The BIRTH has to happen!

“Then I will set on his shoulder the key of the house of David;
When he opens no one will shut,
When he shuts no one will open.” Isaiah 22:22(AMP)

There is a HUGE OPENING and UNLOCKING taking place in SEPTEMBER!  STEP INTO SEPTEMBER!  Its TIME TO STEP IN!  Are you ready to MOVE FORWARD and DANCE your way into SEPTEMBER?

There is a MIGHTY ACCELERATION of the Lords HAND, to bring significant alignment that will leave you DANCING IN SEPTEMBER, empowered by the Holy Spirit in the next phase of your journey that the Lord has for you!  You will be blessed by the Lords HAND!

“May the Lord, the God of your fathers, add to you a thousand times as many as you are and bless you, just as He has promised you!” Deuteronomy 1:11(AMP)

The Lord will stay CLOSE to you and GUIDE you.  He will INSTRUCT you and ADVISE you along the way.  He wants you to be DANCING INTO SEPTEMBER along the pathway of your life!  If you are not a DANCER, don’t make this difficult for what the Lord is advising.  Don’t make him pull you out to the dance floor.  Just join in!

“I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you,
instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life.
I will advise you along the way
and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide.
So don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn
when I take you where you’ve not been before.
Don’t make me tug you and pull you along.
Just come with me!” Psalm 32:8-9(TPT)

There is a tremendous JOY that will be found DANCING INTO SEPTEMBER!  Don’t allow FEAR to stop you from DANCING and STEPPING INTO SEPTEMBER!

You are going to DANCE upon the STRONGHOLDS and DANCE upon the INJUSTICE that the enemy tried to slither into your life!  You will be DANCING so STRONGLY that your TOES will be STOMPING on and CRUSHING the STRONGHOLDS and INJUSTICE under your FEET!  All that you have given up for Jesus in the PAST SEASONS, God is going to bring to you 100 FOLD!  DANCE INTO THE 100 FOLD!!

 “Listen to my words,” Jesus said. “Anyone who leaves his home behind and chooses me over children, parents, family, and possessions, all for the sake of the gospel, it will come back to him a hundred times as much in this lifetime—homes, family, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, possessions—along with persecutions. And in the age to come, he will inherit eternal life.” Mark 10:29-30(TPT)

“You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing.
You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy,
that I might sing praises to you and not be silent.
Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever!” Psalm 30:11-12(NLT)

The DANCING INTO SEPTEMBER will create a NEW RHYTHM in your life!  These NEW STEPS OF RHYTHM will LEAD to NEW LEVELS of BREAKTHROUGH!  These NEW MOVES and NEW RHYTHMS will BREAK-THROUGH the STRONGHOLDS and INJUSTICE!  They will be BROKE-OPEN with such a GREAT BEAT!  Nobody can BEAT like the Lord!  The Lord will show you how to DANCE to the BEAT of his HEART!  It is such a unique RHYTHM!

Its time to DANCE DEEP!  God will LEAD and you will RHYTHMICALLY FOLLOW his set of SEQUENCED STEPS!  You will have such PLEASURE, as your FEET FLICKER to the RHYTHM OF SEPTEMBER!  Take delight in this RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT and express your emotion!

This DANCING INTO SEPTEMBER will be for all GENERATIONS, no matter what age you are!  The Lord wants it to be PLEASURABLE for you!  The DANCING will boost HAPPINESS and improve your CREATIVE THINKING PATTERNS in this SEASON that is opening up for you.  DANCING is your CURE!  It releases endorphins that trigger GOOD VIBES and will melt away fatigue.  DANCING INTO SEPTEMBER will reduce stress and increase the FEEL-GOOD cells and hormones jiggling throughout your body.  You will have MASTERY OF MOVEMENT into the next phase of your life!

The Lord says, “My blessing is moving on you and through you!”  As we DANCE INTO SEPTEMBER, it is the NINTH month.  NINE is DIVINE FINALITY, COMPLETENESS, FULLNESS and FRUITFULNESS!  The NINTH month is FRUIT of the WOMB.  Your WOMB is WIDE OPEN!  Your promise will be BIRTHED DANCING!!

 “But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:

joy that overflows,

peace that subdues,

patience that endures,

kindness in action,

a life full of virtue,

faith that prevails,

gentleness of heart, and

strength of spirit.

Never set the law above these qualities, for they are meant to be limitless.” Galatians 5:22-23(TPT)

I heard the song SEPTEMBER by Earth Wind and Fire from the Lord.  Listen as you DANCE INTO SEPTEMBER!

Love and Blessings,


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