I see BEAUTIFUL BLUE ROSES OPENING UP! There is so much that is going to “OPEN UP” for many! The BLUE will BLOOM in you and through you! A beautiful DEEP rich refreshing place, where you will smell the aroma of the BLUE ROSE OF SHARON start to BLOOM! The BLOOM is about to SURROUND you!

There were DOORS that were “OPENING UP” for people, but many never walked through because of fear, weariness, stress, discouragement and the unknown. The Lord doesn’t want you to forget about the OUT OF BLUE moments where you received the Lords BLUEPRINTS for your life.

The Lord wants you to know that many of you have OUTGROWN something. It doesn’t fit in your life anymore or on your body. Its like wearing a pair of BLUE JEANS, that don’t fit anymore. They used to fit perfect on your body and complimented your every move. Now, they are just too tight! Its preventing you from moving freely. There is no room for you to EXPAND or BREATH! Its not complimenting your move! Its time for a NEW pair of BLUE JEANS. Its time to change! You need to be moving FORWARD to a GREATER POSITION that compliments you! You have OUTGROWN the OLD POSITION!

There is going to be a large movement that has great impact, so you need to start getting ready and preparing for it. Its not time to be stubborn, argumentative and have unbelief. You need to have discernment. You need to be able to judge what is good and what is bad. Start planting your FEET where God’s desire for your life is.

I saw the Lord giving gifts out in the form of babies. But, because people had fear, weariness, stress and discouragement, they were giving away their gifts(babies). They were putting their gifts up for adoption for someone else to take care of them. I saw that they have laid them down. Its time to pick them back up! Listen to me, the enemy is playing tricks on you. This is your gift(baby) that the Lord has placed into your hands! Its meant for you! Its time to pick up that gift (baby) and walk through that door, where the BLUE will BLOOM in you and through you!

The aroma of the BLUE ROSE OF SHARON will saturate you. Its the aroma of Jesus and his goodness exploding all around you! Jesus represents the ROSE OF SHARON that is DEEP BLUE. There will be DEEP JUSTICE, DEEP PEACE and a DEEP REFRESHMENT that will draw you to DEEPER PLACES. The NEW BLUE JEANS will compliment your NEW MOVE! The BLUE aroma will flow through you and pull you towards his heart.

The root word for “ROSE” (Hebrew habab) can mean “overshadowed.” He will overshadow you with his love. The BLUE HUE will mesmerize as it stares in you and through you!

Jesus is perfect love just like the ROSE is the most perfect flower in its beauty, looks and smell. With Jesus’ aroma you are about to BLOSSOM abundantly! The BLUE HUE in Jesus is trying to draw your attention! Take notice!

Even though many of you may have forgotten about your promise and pushed it to the side, “GOD REMEMBERS” it! He wants you to pick it up again and walk through the DOOR with the BLUE HUE! Don’t have unbelief because you are about to attain the impossible. God thinks you are extraordinarily wonderful and unique!

This BLUE ROSE also represents accomplishing the impossible, while choosing this path to a NEW BEGINNING! It signifies a FRESH START!

BLUE ROSES don’t naturally exist. BLUE ROSES are created manually with BLUE staining on WHITE ROSES. Their appearance is against nature and the normal which makes them unique.

You are like a BLUE ROSE. You are starting off as a WHITE ROSE. The WHITE is the color of AWAKENING with LIGHT and PURITY. Any color that mixes with WHITE gets NEWNESS, FRESHNESS and is able to SHINE in the darkness. He is about to stain you BLUE. After the BLUE staining, you will be filled with his PROVISION and DIVINE PEACE. You will be prepared to walk. The Lord is staining you BLUE, he is going against what is normal! He is accomplishing the IMPOSSIBLE! He is making you and your walk unique! You are now mixed with WHITE and BLUE. Its time to ENTER YOUR BLOOM SEASON!


Don’t REJECT the gift(baby) God has for you. Don’t REJECT entering the door. Don’t REJECT the BLUE ROSES. Don’t REJECT the NEW BLUE JEANS. You’ve outgrown the old one’s. Don’t REJECT God accomplishing the impossible.

EXPECT to smell the aroma of goodness! EXPECT for God to help you walk through that door! EXPECT fear and discouragement to fall off and refreshment and peace to come on! EXPECT that the NEW BLUE JEANS will compliment your every move! EXPECT the IMPOSSIBLE!

Things will now TAKE EFFECT and you will ENTER YOUR BLUE BLOOM SEASON!

 I am truly his rose, the very theme of his song.
I’m overshadowed by his love,
growing in the valley!
Solomon 2:1(TPT)

Love and Blessings,


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