Get To Know Me

known as:

Debbie, Debs, Mom, Sis, Best Friend, Cutie(my hubby), Little Candle Maker,

RDH(Registered Dental Hygienist)

I am like a little Debbie snack I come in many varieties, so you can call me whatever you like! I am the owner of Honey Bee Whisper! My life is an awesome ride! I am a wife to my best friend who I have known since the age of 15 and a Mama of 3! My faith, family, and friends are the biggest treasures of my heart! Other things that sparkle in my heart are honeybees, gardening, baseball, my jean jacket, and making dinners from scratch!

I went to school to be a dental hygienist and I work in the cute homey town of East Aurora, NY for 21 years! A place that I love! I had a dream one night that turned into a BIG SPARK! It was such a huge flame in my heart, that could not be extinguished! That is where the birth of Honey Bee Whisper started and so it was ESTABLISHED! Love this bible verse: Job 22:28 AMP “You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon your ways.” I love being a LIGHT of encouragement for people! If its making candles for others to LIGHT up their dark places, or being a LIGHT with my heart and a listening ear to my family, friends and even patients! I am always there to help them feel encouraged and loved!

My products are hand-made with love, in my home state of Buffalo, NY. My products are unique and different. Every single product is made by my hands, which means I don’t use machines, so there may be imperfections, or slight differences in each product. This adds character and a little charm to my BZZZZ-NESS! People and their health are important to me. I create clean products that will bring peace, comfort, warmth, and light to peoples’ dark places. As I make each one they are prayed over before leaving my hands. They will flicker in your heart and home, to remove the bad and bring in the good!

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