What is metamorphosis, it is the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages, it also can mean a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by nature or supernatural means.

Butterflies go through the stages of metamorphosis.¬† A caterpillar goes into hiding through a cocoon in order to begin the process of transformation.¬† It’s been a long season of dreariness.¬† God wants to fill people with his fresh spirit again.¬† God is about to let you burst out of your cocoon.¬† You will be able to spread your wings and fly.¬† He is bringing you to your New Land and New Avenue.

These Butterflies signify that the time is here and you will open up your wings and fly to this New Land.¬† When a Butterfly goes through metamorphosis in the cocoon stage they must have the strength to break out of it and of they don’t they will die and not turn into a Butterfly.¬† Many of us have had to go through many difficult things in our life and we have to¬† have the strength to break out of our cocoon and transform into a Butterfly.

There will be an awakening of his love that is healing the heart and wounded soul.¬† God is going to be revealing things to you as he is healing you in this season.¬† Healing your mind, body and soul.¬† There is great favor in this season.¬† In this cocoon stage, even though it was hard, we are going through a transformation and he will help you find your wings.¬† This transformation will bring New Life.¬† He will show you specifically where to fly and land.¬† Don’t miss the turn where he is leading you, don’t miss your time because of fear, or being in a negative place.

This is something that I learned from someone, which I thought was really good in my opinion and I thought it was important to share.¬† Fear will contaminate your life.¬† God lives in the land of impossible.¬† Fight the fear that rises up in your heart.¬† Stay away¬† from things that are negative.¬† Complaining will never get you out of your problems.¬† Instead release joy and thanksgiving.¬† Make a decision, you have to choose to put on a garment of praise.¬† You won’t get to your place of promise by hating where you are in your life.¬† That made so much sense to me.

The Lord showed me that many people are feeling like they were hopeless in this cocoon.¬† They felt discouraged, tired and a feeling of going backwards not forwards.¬† This cocoon stage was such a time of hardship and pain.¬† I also saw people in fear of change.¬† The transition is the change that has to take place in your life.¬† The transition from being in a cocoon changing into a butterfly.¬† As¬† a caterpillar goes into hiding in his cocoon he showed me many of you are hiding because is comfortable in your cocoon.¬† The change is too scary for some and it brings fear.¬† God is saying stop hiding its time to come out.¬† Change has to come don’t be fearful of the change and transformation.¬† The Lord showed me that through this change and transformation you will have great joy.¬† The enemy wants you in fear and to stay in your cocoon hiding he doesn’t want you to be free.¬† With this fear you won’t move forward because its uncomfortable.

There is a dying process happening in this season that is coming to an end.  God is removing some things from your life in this dying process.  The cocoon you were in is dying off the Lord is bringing change.  This dying process symbolizes the end of this season and he is transforming you into a Butterfly to a New Pathway of Life.  This will be the pathway you have the choice to fly in which he will accelerate you in.  It will bring freedom and promotion.  I saw the cocoons starting to open.  People had the strength and gave God their YES.  I saw their wings come out and stretch wide open as they fluttered very quickly it was so exciting.  The atmosphere was screaming FREE FREE FREE!  The BREAKOUT of the cocoon is bringing BREAKTHROUGH!  ITS TIME!  As all of you flew you were beautiful and peaceful and completely free.  All of the strongholds from the enemy were broken off and left dead in the cocoon that you broke out of.  Nothing is going to hold you back now. As you flew in freedom it was SO New and SO REFRESHING!  So listen to the Lord when he says ITS TIME ARISE MY BUTTERFLIES AND FLY TO WHERE I AM MOVING YOU!

The song that the Lord gave me was Holding Nothing Back by Jesus Culture if you don’t know it you should listen to it.

“When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world.¬† The old things are gone; suddenly everything is new!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Love and Blessing,







balls-candy-cane-christmas-247074Don’t allow discouragement to creep in.¬† That is one of the dangerous weapons the enemy uses on us.¬† The enemy will use discouragement to kill and destroy your hopes and dreams.¬† We all know what the enemy does because it clearly states it in John 10:10.¬† We tend to feel discouragement in our hearts when we have unanswered prayers or health, financial and family issues.¬† You feel like nothing ever works out, which makes you want to give up.¬† The enemy wants you to give up and quit.¬† God DOES NOT WANT YOU TO GIVE UP AND QUIT!¬† The Lord said “Turn on your Spiritual Big Elephant Ears and hear me when I say GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS”.¬† We haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.¬† He wants discouragement out of your mindset and to fill your mind with Christmas.

What comes to your mind when you hear Christmas?  To me I hear the birth of Jesus, Peace, Joy, Love, Family, Grace, Calm, Hope, Warmth, Gifts, Surprises, Blessings, Christmas tree, Hot Chocolate, Candy Canes, Cookies, Christmas songs, Star and really Yummy Food!

He wants you to start getting ready for Christmas.¬† Get ready to hear God speak to you in this season.¬† He wants you to look forward to the gifts and surprises that are coming to you.¬† The Lord said ” It’s going to be a very special exciting Christmas season and through 2019″.¬† There will be healings, financial blessings and restoration.¬† He is also giving back to you what the enemy has stolen.¬† It’s pay back time!

In this special Christmas season and through 2019 we will see the powerful hand of God over us.¬† With the snap of his finger will shake the ground you stand on.¬† I can’t tell you how Mighty and Powerful his hand looks.¬† As things shift and we cross over into this New Special Season you will see the treasure chest of gifts and surprises he has for you. I see lots of presents with big bows all wrapped up.¬† With these SURPRISES he has for you, you will be SURPRISED with what he does, nothing you expected.¬† You will see VICTORY AND JUSTICE!¬† He is showing up for you with the snap of his mighty powerful finger.

Don’t allow the enemy to creep in with discouragement.¬† Breakthrough is coming and will be released.¬† Stay on the path he is leading you on even is its uncomfortable.¬† Even if you don’t understand it.¬† Press in to that deep intimate place with him.

The Lord showed me the word DISCOURAGEMENT and then I saw him scramble up the letters and they were floating in the air and then I saw him begin to put letters together and the word changed to ENCOURAGEMENT.¬† The Lord said “Debbie tell everyone to get ready for Christmas and give them ENCOURAGEMENT”.

I am here to cheer you up, give you hope,make you laugh and smile, motivate you, support you and pray for you.¬† I believe everything the Lord shows me so much that when he said GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS I actually put up my Christmas stuff with Joy LOL!¬† Never have I ever done that, it was always put up after Thanksgiving.¬† I don’t care what people think I only care about what God thinks and I want to please him like he pleases me.¬† So get READY FOR CHRISTMAS and do it with excitement!¬† This special season will be bursting with SURPRISES for you.¬† Watch and see how his Mighty Powerful Hand works in your life.¬† I am SIKED so I am going to buy New Christmas jammies, my sister already beat me to it, but join in you should buy some too.¬† Have fun GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS.

” God, you will make the nation grow, and you will make the people happy.¬† They will rejoice in your presence as they do at harvest time.¬† It will be like the joy when people take their share of things they have won in war.¬† That will happen because you will lift the heavy yoke off their shoulders and take away their heavy burden.¬† You will take away the rod that the enemy used to punish your people, as you did when you defeated Midian.¬† Every boot that marched in battle and every uniform stained with blood will be destroyed and thrown into the fire.¬† This will happen when the special child is born.¬† God will give us a son who will be responsible for leading the people.¬† His name will be “Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace.”¬† His power will continue to grow, and there will be peace without end.¬† This will establish him as the king sitting on David’s throne and ruling his kingdom.¬† He will rule with goodness and justice forever and ever.¬† The strong love that the Lord All-Powerful has for his people will make this happen!” Isaiah 9:3-7

O holy night the stars are brightly shining, It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth, Long lay the world in sin and error pining, Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth, A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices, For yonder breaks a new glorious morn, Fall to your knees, O hear the angels’ voices, O night divine, O night when Christ was born, O night divine o night, O night divine, A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices, For yonder breaks a new glorious morn, Fall to your knees, O hear the angels’ voices. O night divine. O night when Christ was born, O night divine O night, O night divine, Ooh yes it was, Ooh it is the night of our dear Savior’s birth. Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, It was a holy holy, oh oh oh.¬†

I love this song O Holy Night

Love and Blessings,




The things that God has promised are going to begin to happen and take place at an accelerated pace but you need to CROSS OVER.¬† The way God is moving you may feel strange and unusual but he will give you grace.¬† He doesn’t want you to question him.¬† Like what if this happens or what if that happens or how will this work.¬† STOP IT!!¬† The Lord wants you to trust him and if he says IT’S TIME TO CROSS OVER TO THE NEW SEASON than you need to obey him.¬† You can’t have fear with the what if’s, God says there is no room for fear.¬† TRUST GOD PERIOD!¬† There is a treasure chest that is waiting for you, but you need to cross over first.¬† The transitioning is happening NOW and it will bring closure to an old season.¬† God is releasing NEW ASSIGNMENTS, NEW GIFTS and NEW PROMOTIONS.¬† But, if you don’t CROSS OVER your going to miss it.

In my dream there were tons of people walking across this bridge that was over water.¬† This bridge turned into solid rock.¬† Some people I knew and some I didn’t know.¬† As people started to walk across this bridge the path was different for everyone.¬† As people got further to the middle of the bridge they could see a treasure chest on the other side.¬† The River below them was flowing very fast and producing waves that started to crash up onto the bridge.¬† The waves started to run over people’s feet.¬† You could see the white foam from the waves and the sound was so powerful.¬† People had excitement and it felt so good.¬† These waves were very good and people felt refreshed.¬† The water helped by¬† pushing the people to CROSS OVER to the other side where the treasure chest was waiting for them.

This bridge symbolizes a phase of transition.¬† It speaks of overcoming a certain matter and experiencing a breakthrough.¬† It speaks of removing mental blockages by putting our faith and our trust in the word of God.¬† This bridge also speaks of the surrendering of your own problems in the hands of God.¬† This bridge was made of SOLID ROCK.¬† This ROCK symbolizes steadfast in the Lord Jesus Christ.¬† It’s durable, reliable and fixed in place.¬† A revelation of God brings steadfastness in our faith walk with him.¬† Stand on SOLID ROCK Jesus Christ and he will give you a firm foundation.

These beautiful white crest waves are positive.¬† It’s a NEW MOVE and NEW FLOW of God.¬† These huge waves speak of increase with a lot of financial and spiritual blessings.¬† He is moving you out of the drought it has been too long.¬† Why would you want to stay in the drought any longer?¬† It’s fear.¬† Don’t let fear stop you from moving into what God wants for you.¬† Don’t disobey him and not CROSS OVER because you will miss it.

This bridge has a different meaning and path in everyone’s life and what they are going through right now, but God is calling you into something NEW.¬† This River means huge abundant flow of blessings.¬† This strong flow of the River means a strong flow of the Holy Spirit which removes spiritual blockage.

There is a treasure chest that is about to be opened up as you CROSS OVER.¬† This is a NEW TREASURE that is just for you.¬† It’s waiting.¬† You won’t believe what’s in it.¬† You will Love It!¬† God wants to know if you will CROSS OVER because he says IT’S TIME!


“But you will go across the Jordan River and live in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.¬† There he will give you rest from all your enemies, and you will be safe.” Deuteronomy 12:10

Love and Blessing,




animals-bushes-clouds-68550The Lord was showing me in my dream that it’s the RISE OF THE MIGHTY ELEPHANTS.¬† The Lord is rising up MIGHTY ONES in this hour.¬† Many of you will rise up like ELEPHANTS in this NEW SEASON.¬† There will be a transitioning taking place.¬† This transition of change will be quick.

Some characteristics of ELEPHANTS are they are very powerful but yet gentle.  They are one of the largest creatures on earth and are extremely strong and can carry heavy loads.  ELEPHANTS have huge ears, very thick skin and form deep family bonds.  The trunk of an ELEPHANT is its most versatile tool.  Its used for breathing, smelling, touching, grasping and producing sound.

These MIGHTY ONES that the Lord is rising up will have GREAT IMPACT, WISDOM and STRENGTH.¬† The Lords is transitioning you into something NEW.¬† There has been great battle to you CHOSEN ONES and the enemy has tried to shut you up.¬† The spirit of death has tried to take you out but you CHOSEN ONES have pushed through.¬† The Lord is going to entrust you with significant revelation, insight and direction.¬† They will be able to carry great loads and walk with AUTHORITY.¬† They are powerful but yet gentle and will help many.¬† They will have enormous prosperity.¬† Great success, financial blessing and security will be given to you.¬† You will find magnificent treasures.¬† These MIGHTY ONES will have huge ears that will hear a NEW SOUND and give a NEW SOUND.¬† This sound will increase and they will hear clearly what the Lord is saying.¬† This NEW SOUND will produce precious secrets from the Lord and their hearing will be sharpened.¬† They will form deep bonds with others.¬† They will be given the most versatile tool that will help them.¬† Their sense of smell will be so significant that they will be able to smell when evil is around.¬† Evil will try to attack them but they have very THICK SKIN that it can’t penetrate into them.¬† This THICK SKIN has formed on you CHOSEN ONES who have had hit after hit after hit financially, spiritually, mentally and physically.¬† It hasn’t been for nothing.¬† God has prepared your skin to be THICK for a reason and it was prepared in layers.¬† These layers were all the battles you faced.¬† This THICK SKIN means your ready!¬† As they RISE UP and walk with AUTHORITY the sound they produce is so POWERFUL. ¬† This is a NEW SOUND that comes from their mouth and it will bounce from heaven to earth.¬† When an ELEPHANT’S trunk bursts with loud noise it sounds like a TRUMPET.¬† As these CHOSEN ONE’S speak it will sound like a magnificent TRUMPET playing in the atmosphere.¬† People will be drawn to it because this sound that these CHOSEN ONE’s carry is a NEW SOUND from the Lord.¬† There will be SIGNIFICANT ACCELERATED FRUITFULNESS.¬† You will feel FULL from all the fruit.¬† There will be sudden ALIGNMENT.¬† You will know exactly where you are supposed to be.¬† I saw many of these CHOSEN ONE’S pouring out and ministering to the Lord.

Be ready for God will be transitioning you quickly for you are very special to him and your one of a kind..¬† Be encouraged you CHOSEN ONE’S.¬† Stand TALL and watch as God transitions you into a MIGHTY ELEPHANT.¬† You CHOSEN ONE’S have no idea the plans God has for you, he will be moving you in a MIGHTY WAY so go with it as God moves you don’t be afraid of the NEW that’s coming because it will be a NEW FEELING something you have never felt.

“But you are Gods chosen treasure¬† – priests who are Kings, a spiritual “nation” set apart as God’s devoted ones.¬† He called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light, and now he claims you as his very own.¬† He did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world.” 1 Peter 2:9

Love and Blessings,




macro photography of snowflake
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The Lord is bringing you PURITY SNOW.  I saw snow falling and this snow was delicate and silent.  It was white weightless and pure.  This PURITY SNOW is so white that is glows with light.  This PURITY SNOW is beautifully clean and innocent as it falls.  This PURITY SNOW is transforming, it will quiet and settle your mind.  This PURITY SNOW will fall gently and gracefully over you like a white blanket, it is noiseless, tranquil and very calming.  This PURITY SNOW has the ability to cover over impurities and make them go away.  This PURITY SNOW will not slip off like the rain does it stays and sinks in really good.

The Lord is releasing this PURITY SNOW over you that is bringing freedom to you.  A freedom to let go of the place you are in.  The Lord wants you to get out of the place of down and out.  He wants you to break out of that stronghold.  You feel such giants in your life that are surrounding you crushing you.  Let this PURITY SNOW fall and blanket you.  Spend your time in it while everything goes away.

God is saying…

Keep your eyes on me and enjoy this silent beauty with me.  I want to be in deep intimacy with you.  I want to spend time with you.  The wind and snow of my spirit is bringing healing and breakthrough.  Freedom and Purity are being released.  You will be set free from the chains that have been holding you down.  Do not try to work out what I am doing.  Rest in me and trust me and know that I am working in you and through you.  The plans I have for you are better than you can imagine.  I am going to show up.

This PURITY SNOW was prepared from Heaven.¬† These snowflakes were dropping from Heaven blanketing you in this NEW SEASON.¬† It blankets the barren and lifeless bringing such comfort and freedom from pain and distress.¬† The comfort from this blanket will leave you feeling restored refreshed and rejuvenated.¬† Its beautiful and serene that can’t be tainted by any means.¬† As grief and pain has built up in you it was swallowed up by this PURITY SNOW.¬† He is turning all the pain and grief into JOY and LAUGHTER.¬† This JOY and LAUGHTER will carry such authority.

Father I pray that your PURITY SNOW will fall on every person reading this as they step into their NEW SEASON.  This season has been a hard one and I pray that as your PURITY SNOW falls on them and blankets them that it would give them such comfort and peace.  Help them to feel the coziness of your beautiful Love.  Help them understand how pure they are in your eyes.  Help them to let go of the place they are in and come escape with you for a while.  Help them to unwind rest and recharge.  Bring FREEDOM AND BREAKTHROUGH in their lives once and for all.  Remove all the giants that surround them and break the chains.  Bring happiness again to their lives and let them know what it feels like to laugh so hard they pee.  Bring JOY JOY JOY JOY down in their hearts.  Let them feel childlike again like being tucked in at night-time under their fluffy blankets warm and safe.  Let them be RESTORED REFRESHED and REJUVENATED IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

Love and Blessings,





Important major dreams this week is what I had.  The Lord showed me lots of them and he is urging and pushing me to tell you them.

In my dream I was taken to a delivery room.¬† Tons of babies were being born to many people.¬† The people were so excited and happy.¬† The nurses brought them their babies and showed them how to change them and told them what to feed them.¬† As people looked at their babies it wasn’t what they expected.¬† The way they had to change their babies and feed them was completely different from what they have ever known.¬† Nothing was familiar and it wasn’t what they thought it would be.¬† The atmosphere was filled with a sense of change.¬† It was even better than they expected! It was a New Way and people were in complete awe and amazement of what was going on.

People brought their babies home with them and they were in their glory.  All of the sudden I saw the enemy hiding in their houses and he wanted to contaminate and destroy their babies.  He started to produce this BLACK FUZZY UNHEALTHY MOLD that was so terrible and toxic.  It was growing and moving very quickly.  Black Mold is one of the most toxic and poisonous molds because it can grow in houses and its extremely dangerous to humans.  The people immediately started cleaning with bleach to kill the Black Mold and they opened the windows and doors.  The sunshine started to come in and the enemy and Black Mold ran away.

This dream is very important.¬† As we are all stepping into a New Season we will be GIVING BIRTH to a baby which is God’s promise to us.¬† God’s promise is what we are birthing and we need to protect it.¬† In the dream people saw their babies and they were shown how to change them and feed them , but it was unfamiliar,and it wasn’t what they expected.¬† God’s promise that he is giving you isn’t what you expected, but you will find out its even better than what you thought.¬† It will blow you away.¬† It was different , but different doesn’t always mean bad.¬† What God has prepared for YOU is perfect!

God is stressing saying PROTECT YOUR PROMISE PROTECT YOUR PROMISE!¬† You need to protect your promise that he is birthing in you.¬† The enemy is going to come and he is terrified of what you are stepping into.¬† God is on the move and the enemy is trying to spoil it by bringing¬† BLACK FUZZY UNHEALTHY MOLD.¬† But guess what Mold can’t live or survive in the sunlight.¬† So open your windows and doors and let the sunshine come in.¬† Stay in the light of Jesus.¬† Jesus is the SUN(SON).¬† He is the light in your life.¬† Clean your house with bleach meaning repent for any sin.¬† When you repent from sin it closes the door so Satan can’t come in and if you sin you open the door allowing Satan to come in.

“Arise , shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee” Isaiah 60:1

Then I had another dream.¬† This may sound gross to some of you but again its important and it’s what God is showing me.¬† In my dream many people were lined up on a farm and they were so hungry and unhealthy.¬† They felt horrible and empty inside.¬† Have you ever gone a really long time without eating?¬† You feel terrible and awful like you can’t function.¬† As they stood there I saw there were two groups of people, but both groups were starving.¬† In the one group I noticed some of the people’s mouths were open.¬† These people who had their mouth open were filled with jealousy and control.¬† All of the sudden I saw wasps and yellow jackets flying out of their mouths.¬† Some of the things they were thinking and saying were not good.¬† As all the people stood there from both groups they were frustrated and starving they needed to be filled with food and protein to nourish them.Their bodies were severely malnourished.¬† Then I saw the hand of God take hundreds of COWS and hand them to the people.¬† The people who were served last were the people who had wasps in their mouths.¬† God wanted people to eat these COWS to fill their bellies so they would be FULL.¬† These COWS were a gift from God.¬† The people needed this meat to survive.

We need to be careful of the things that come out of our mouths.  Some things that we say and do can be hurtful and they can sting and bite like wasps and yellow jackets. 

“Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 141:3

God is showing me over and over again that his people are HUNGRY, they are missing something.  They are HUNGRY souls that are malnourished and unhealthy.  They need to be filled up.  They need to be fed.  When people are Hungry  they get frustrated.  God is giving you cows to eat.  I totally need to be filled I am so HUNGRY for more!!

Keep your mouth open to receive this MEATY REVELATION he will be giving you.  He wants you to chew on his word so it will nourish you and fill you up.  It will make you healthy again.  I know I spoke about MEATY REVELATION in my past post but he is emphasizing it strongly over and over again.  With this MEATY REVELATION from the COWS it will help you, it will fill you with what you need to PROTECT YOUR PROMISE YOUR NEW BABY he is giving you in this NEW SEASON.  You need these COWS to step into where he is leading you.

Lastly I wasn’t going to share this, but I changed my mind.¬† My last dream I was about to share good news with people and the enemy tried to shove a black plastic garbage bag over my head so I couldn’t speak and tell people the good news.¬† It was horrible and scary because I couldn’t speak or breath.¬† I thought I was going to die.¬† I ripped the bag off my head and woke up in a panic and full of fear.¬† I said to God I can’t do this anymore.¬† I can’t share your words anymore with people.¬† I feel like the enemy is winning and he is killing me and completely taking over.¬† Then something came over me.¬† I felt the Lords presence around me that took over.¬† I stood up and started to pray out loud and I said… ¬† When did I forget that you were the King of the world When did I forget that fear is a liar When did I forget how powerful you are When did I forget that you are my protector When did I forget that your love is everlasting.¬† If any of you have heard these lies or have had night mares, this is for you.¬† DON’T LISTEN TO THE LIES OF THE ENEMY!¬† God’s love is perfect, faithful, unconditional, forgiving, full and everlasting.¬† He breaths strength, hope, grace and peace on you.¬† The Lord said we have Favor from him it’s in our DNA.¬† His DNA lives in us.¬† Favor brings promotion Favor brings protection and Favor brings grace.¬† Its God’s pleasure to give favor to you.

The enemy was trying to muzzle me, to keep me quiet in fear so I wouldn’t speak what the Lord wanted me to.¬† Well guess what Satan I just did! LOL! Please laugh out loud in agreement with me Satan hates that.¬† Satan will not hold me back anymore!¬† So everyone reading this you will hear from me again and again and I will continue to speak what the Lord is saying to me to encourage you in obedience.¬† I will stand on Christ’s Rock and I will not be moved!

“He is my Rock, the only one who can save me.¬† He is my high place of safety, where no army can defeat me.¬† My victory and honor come from God.¬† He is the mighty Rock where I am safe”. Psalm 62:6-7

Love and Blessings,





animals-aquatic-black-and-white-726478A SHIFT is taking place and it starts NOW!!  A SHIFT in the spirit and a SHIFT in breakthrough.  Be very specific in deep prayer.  Its time to see his promises in your life.  In this great SHIFT will be a GREAT UNLOCKING.

As this SHIFT is about to happen I dreamt that I saw sharks lurking beneath the surface all around.¬† They are predatory sea creatures.¬† They are bringing so much fear and they are trying to intimidate you.¬† If you give up the fight you will end up in their food chain.¬† That is what the enemy wants, he wants to frighten and scare you, and when you are vulnerable he will STRIKE FAST and BITE HARD!¬† The enemy is coming full force right now in your life because the GREAT SHIFT is about to take place any moment.¬† The enemy is causing such battle and distraction in your life and it is extremely overwhelming.¬† He is making it extremely difficult to go to your secret quiet place with the Lord.¬† The enemy doesn’t want the SHIFT OF BREAKTHROUGH in your life to happen.

Now is your time to be bold and very specific in your prayers.  I saw God handing people invitations.  As they opened them up God was inviting them to come along with him in deep prayer,  just you and him.  In this invitation was also a key, this key was to unlock the season.  This key said come to me.  People are hiding because their hearts are wounded, they have fear and many disappointments.  The Lord says come with me.

Jesus explained, “I and the way, I am the truth, and I am the Life.” John 14:6

What do you need right now?  Good finances, healings in your body, restoration in your family, someone to love, new job or children.  RSVP to his invitation and be with him and tell him exactly what you need.  As you pray boldly the fire of God will be falling on your prayers.  Your prayers will come alive and you will see things transform.  Your power of prayer will make this season shift to unlock it.  This prayer will breathe life back into your hearts again.  This POWER OF PRAYER will STAND TALL as it turns into JESUS STANDING TALL with you.  He is STANDING TALL beside you with such POWER!   As you pray I see God sending his warring angels.  These warring angels jump in the water where the sharks are lurking and they fight these sharks and they WIN!  Be encouraged but also listen to what he is saying.  Take his invitation and key and go into DEEP SPECIFIC PRAYER so  you can unlock this season you are moving into so the SHIFT OF BREAKTHROUGH HAPPENS NOW!

Love and Blessings,