animals-bushes-clouds-68550The Lord was showing me in my dream that it’s the RISE OF THE MIGHTY ELEPHANTS.  The Lord is rising up MIGHTY ONES in this hour.  Many of you will rise up like ELEPHANTS in this NEW SEASON.  There will be a transitioning taking place.  This transition of change will be quick.

Some characteristics of ELEPHANTS are they are very powerful but yet gentle.  They are one of the largest creatures on earth and are extremely strong and can carry heavy loads.  ELEPHANTS have huge ears, very thick skin and form deep family bonds.  The trunk of an ELEPHANT is its most versatile tool.  Its used for breathing, smelling, touching, grasping and producing sound.

These MIGHTY ONES that the Lord is rising up will have GREAT IMPACT, WISDOM and STRENGTH.  The Lords is transitioning you into something NEW.  There has been great battle to you CHOSEN ONES and the enemy has tried to shut you up.  The spirit of death has tried to take you out but you CHOSEN ONES have pushed through.  The Lord is going to entrust you with significant revelation, insight and direction.  They will be able to carry great loads and walk with AUTHORITY.  They are powerful but yet gentle and will help many.  They will have enormous prosperity.  Great success, financial blessing and security will be given to you.  You will find magnificent treasures.  These MIGHTY ONES will have huge ears that will hear a NEW SOUND and give a NEW SOUND.  This sound will increase and they will hear clearly what the Lord is saying.  This NEW SOUND will produce precious secrets from the Lord and their hearing will be sharpened.  They will form deep bonds with others.  They will be given the most versatile tool that will help them.  Their sense of smell will be so significant that they will be able to smell when evil is around.  Evil will try to attack them but they have very THICK SKIN that it can’t penetrate into them.  This THICK SKIN has formed on you CHOSEN ONES who have had hit after hit after hit financially, spiritually, mentally and physically.  It hasn’t been for nothing.  God has prepared your skin to be THICK for a reason and it was prepared in layers.  These layers were all the battles you faced.  This THICK SKIN means your ready!  As they RISE UP and walk with AUTHORITY the sound they produce is so POWERFUL.   This is a NEW SOUND that comes from their mouth and it will bounce from heaven to earth.  When an ELEPHANT’S trunk bursts with loud noise it sounds like a TRUMPET.  As these CHOSEN ONE’S speak it will sound like a magnificent TRUMPET playing in the atmosphere.  People will be drawn to it because this sound that these CHOSEN ONE’s carry is a NEW SOUND from the Lord.  There will be SIGNIFICANT ACCELERATED FRUITFULNESS.  You will feel FULL from all the fruit.  There will be sudden ALIGNMENT.  You will know exactly where you are supposed to be.  I saw many of these CHOSEN ONE’S pouring out and ministering to the Lord.

Be ready for God will be transitioning you quickly for you are very special to him and your one of a kind..  Be encouraged you CHOSEN ONE’S.  Stand TALL and watch as God transitions you into a MIGHTY ELEPHANT.  You CHOSEN ONE’S have no idea the plans God has for you, he will be moving you in a MIGHTY WAY so go with it as God moves you don’t be afraid of the NEW that’s coming because it will be a NEW FEELING something you have never felt.

“But you are Gods chosen treasure  – priests who are Kings, a spiritual “nation” set apart as God’s devoted ones.  He called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light, and now he claims you as his very own.  He did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world.” 1 Peter 2:9

Love and Blessings,




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The Lord is bringing you PURITY SNOW.  I saw snow falling and this snow was delicate and silent.  It was white weightless and pure.  This PURITY SNOW is so white that is glows with light.  This PURITY SNOW is beautifully clean and innocent as it falls.  This PURITY SNOW is transforming, it will quiet and settle your mind.  This PURITY SNOW will fall gently and gracefully over you like a white blanket, it is noiseless, tranquil and very calming.  This PURITY SNOW has the ability to cover over impurities and make them go away.  This PURITY SNOW will not slip off like the rain does it stays and sinks in really good.

The Lord is releasing this PURITY SNOW over you that is bringing freedom to you.  A freedom to let go of the place you are in.  The Lord wants you to get out of the place of down and out.  He wants you to break out of that stronghold.  You feel such giants in your life that are surrounding you crushing you.  Let this PURITY SNOW fall and blanket you.  Spend your time in it while everything goes away.

God is saying…

Keep your eyes on me and enjoy this silent beauty with me.  I want to be in deep intimacy with you.  I want to spend time with you.  The wind and snow of my spirit is bringing healing and breakthrough.  Freedom and Purity are being released.  You will be set free from the chains that have been holding you down.  Do not try to work out what I am doing.  Rest in me and trust me and know that I am working in you and through you.  The plans I have for you are better than you can imagine.  I am going to show up.

This PURITY SNOW was prepared from Heaven.  These snowflakes were dropping from Heaven blanketing you in this NEW SEASON.  It blankets the barren and lifeless bringing such comfort and freedom from pain and distress.  The comfort from this blanket will leave you feeling restored refreshed and rejuvenated.  Its beautiful and serene that can’t be tainted by any means.  As grief and pain has built up in you it was swallowed up by this PURITY SNOW.  He is turning all the pain and grief into JOY and LAUGHTER.  This JOY and LAUGHTER will carry such authority.

Father I pray that your PURITY SNOW will fall on every person reading this as they step into their NEW SEASON.  This season has been a hard one and I pray that as your PURITY SNOW falls on them and blankets them that it would give them such comfort and peace.  Help them to feel the coziness of your beautiful Love.  Help them understand how pure they are in your eyes.  Help them to let go of the place they are in and come escape with you for a while.  Help them to unwind rest and recharge.  Bring FREEDOM AND BREAKTHROUGH in their lives once and for all.  Remove all the giants that surround them and break the chains.  Bring happiness again to their lives and let them know what it feels like to laugh so hard they pee.  Bring JOY JOY JOY JOY down in their hearts.  Let them feel childlike again like being tucked in at night-time under their fluffy blankets warm and safe.  Let them be RESTORED REFRESHED and REJUVENATED IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

Love and Blessings,





Important major dreams this week is what I had.  The Lord showed me lots of them and he is urging and pushing me to tell you them.

In my dream I was taken to a delivery room.  Tons of babies were being born to many people.  The people were so excited and happy.  The nurses brought them their babies and showed them how to change them and told them what to feed them.  As people looked at their babies it wasn’t what they expected.  The way they had to change their babies and feed them was completely different from what they have ever known.  Nothing was familiar and it wasn’t what they thought it would be.  The atmosphere was filled with a sense of change.  It was even better than they expected! It was a New Way and people were in complete awe and amazement of what was going on.

People brought their babies home with them and they were in their glory.  All of the sudden I saw the enemy hiding in their houses and he wanted to contaminate and destroy their babies.  He started to produce this BLACK FUZZY UNHEALTHY MOLD that was so terrible and toxic.  It was growing and moving very quickly.  Black Mold is one of the most toxic and poisonous molds because it can grow in houses and its extremely dangerous to humans.  The people immediately started cleaning with bleach to kill the Black Mold and they opened the windows and doors.  The sunshine started to come in and the enemy and Black Mold ran away.

This dream is very important.  As we are all stepping into a New Season we will be GIVING BIRTH to a baby which is God’s promise to us.  God’s promise is what we are birthing and we need to protect it.  In the dream people saw their babies and they were shown how to change them and feed them , but it was unfamiliar,and it wasn’t what they expected.  God’s promise that he is giving you isn’t what you expected, but you will find out its even better than what you thought.  It will blow you away.  It was different , but different doesn’t always mean bad.  What God has prepared for YOU is perfect!

God is stressing saying PROTECT YOUR PROMISE PROTECT YOUR PROMISE!  You need to protect your promise that he is birthing in you.  The enemy is going to come and he is terrified of what you are stepping into.  God is on the move and the enemy is trying to spoil it by bringing  BLACK FUZZY UNHEALTHY MOLD.  But guess what Mold can’t live or survive in the sunlight.  So open your windows and doors and let the sunshine come in.  Stay in the light of Jesus.  Jesus is the SUN(SON).  He is the light in your life.  Clean your house with bleach meaning repent for any sin.  When you repent from sin it closes the door so Satan can’t come in and if you sin you open the door allowing Satan to come in.

“Arise , shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee” Isaiah 60:1

Then I had another dream.  This may sound gross to some of you but again its important and it’s what God is showing me.  In my dream many people were lined up on a farm and they were so hungry and unhealthy.  They felt horrible and empty inside.  Have you ever gone a really long time without eating?  You feel terrible and awful like you can’t function.  As they stood there I saw there were two groups of people, but both groups were starving.  In the one group I noticed some of the people’s mouths were open.  These people who had their mouth open were filled with jealousy and control.  All of the sudden I saw wasps and yellow jackets flying out of their mouths.  Some of the things they were thinking and saying were not good.  As all the people stood there from both groups they were frustrated and starving they needed to be filled with food and protein to nourish them.Their bodies were severely malnourished.  Then I saw the hand of God take hundreds of COWS and hand them to the people.  The people who were served last were the people who had wasps in their mouths.  God wanted people to eat these COWS to fill their bellies so they would be FULL.  These COWS were a gift from God.  The people needed this meat to survive.

We need to be careful of the things that come out of our mouths.  Some things that we say and do can be hurtful and they can sting and bite like wasps and yellow jackets. 

“Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 141:3

God is showing me over and over again that his people are HUNGRY, they are missing something.  They are HUNGRY souls that are malnourished and unhealthy.  They need to be filled up.  They need to be fed.  When people are Hungry  they get frustrated.  God is giving you cows to eat.  I totally need to be filled I am so HUNGRY for more!!

Keep your mouth open to receive this MEATY REVELATION he will be giving you.  He wants you to chew on his word so it will nourish you and fill you up.  It will make you healthy again.  I know I spoke about MEATY REVELATION in my past post but he is emphasizing it strongly over and over again.  With this MEATY REVELATION from the COWS it will help you, it will fill you with what you need to PROTECT YOUR PROMISE YOUR NEW BABY he is giving you in this NEW SEASON.  You need these COWS to step into where he is leading you.

Lastly I wasn’t going to share this, but I changed my mind.  My last dream I was about to share good news with people and the enemy tried to shove a black plastic garbage bag over my head so I couldn’t speak and tell people the good news.  It was horrible and scary because I couldn’t speak or breath.  I thought I was going to die.  I ripped the bag off my head and woke up in a panic and full of fear.  I said to God I can’t do this anymore.  I can’t share your words anymore with people.  I feel like the enemy is winning and he is killing me and completely taking over.  Then something came over me.  I felt the Lords presence around me that took over.  I stood up and started to pray out loud and I said…   When did I forget that you were the King of the world When did I forget that fear is a liar When did I forget how powerful you are When did I forget that you are my protector When did I forget that your love is everlasting.  If any of you have heard these lies or have had night mares, this is for you.  DON’T LISTEN TO THE LIES OF THE ENEMY!  God’s love is perfect, faithful, unconditional, forgiving, full and everlasting.  He breaths strength, hope, grace and peace on you.  The Lord said we have Favor from him it’s in our DNA.  His DNA lives in us.  Favor brings promotion Favor brings protection and Favor brings grace.  Its God’s pleasure to give favor to you.

The enemy was trying to muzzle me, to keep me quiet in fear so I wouldn’t speak what the Lord wanted me to.  Well guess what Satan I just did! LOL! Please laugh out loud in agreement with me Satan hates that.  Satan will not hold me back anymore!  So everyone reading this you will hear from me again and again and I will continue to speak what the Lord is saying to me to encourage you in obedience.  I will stand on Christ’s Rock and I will not be moved!

“He is my Rock, the only one who can save me.  He is my high place of safety, where no army can defeat me.  My victory and honor come from God.  He is the mighty Rock where I am safe”. Psalm 62:6-7

Love and Blessings,





animals-aquatic-black-and-white-726478A SHIFT is taking place and it starts NOW!!  A SHIFT in the spirit and a SHIFT in breakthrough.  Be very specific in deep prayer.  Its time to see his promises in your life.  In this great SHIFT will be a GREAT UNLOCKING.

As this SHIFT is about to happen I dreamt that I saw sharks lurking beneath the surface all around.  They are predatory sea creatures.  They are bringing so much fear and they are trying to intimidate you.  If you give up the fight you will end up in their food chain.  That is what the enemy wants, he wants to frighten and scare you, and when you are vulnerable he will STRIKE FAST and BITE HARD!  The enemy is coming full force right now in your life because the GREAT SHIFT is about to take place any moment.  The enemy is causing such battle and distraction in your life and it is extremely overwhelming.  He is making it extremely difficult to go to your secret quiet place with the Lord.  The enemy doesn’t want the SHIFT OF BREAKTHROUGH in your life to happen.

Now is your time to be bold and very specific in your prayers.  I saw God handing people invitations.  As they opened them up God was inviting them to come along with him in deep prayer,  just you and him.  In this invitation was also a key, this key was to unlock the season.  This key said come to me.  People are hiding because their hearts are wounded, they have fear and many disappointments.  The Lord says come with me.

Jesus explained, “I and the way, I am the truth, and I am the Life.” John 14:6

What do you need right now?  Good finances, healings in your body, restoration in your family, someone to love, new job or children.  RSVP to his invitation and be with him and tell him exactly what you need.  As you pray boldly the fire of God will be falling on your prayers.  Your prayers will come alive and you will see things transform.  Your power of prayer will make this season shift to unlock it.  This prayer will breathe life back into your hearts again.  This POWER OF PRAYER will STAND TALL as it turns into JESUS STANDING TALL with you.  He is STANDING TALL beside you with such POWER!   As you pray I see God sending his warring angels.  These warring angels jump in the water where the sharks are lurking and they fight these sharks and they WIN!  Be encouraged but also listen to what he is saying.  Take his invitation and key and go into DEEP SPECIFIC PRAYER so  you can unlock this season you are moving into so the SHIFT OF BREAKTHROUGH HAPPENS NOW!

Love and Blessings,





colorful-colourful-outdoors-830829There will be a New Path that God wants YOU to take.  I will share a dream I had that has to do with many of Gods people, so if your reading this that means this dream is about YOU!  It’s a change of direction.  Travel this New Path.  Trust him and his way.  He is leading you to bigger places of increase and promise.  This pathway will make your heart HAPPY.  It will refresh your soul.  God’s Path is PERFECT!  This New pathway is full of REWARD.  The smile of God over YOU for following his Path is HUGE! 

In my dream God was showing me that he wants you to follow and walk down this Path.  You were given New socks and shoes to wear because it’s a New way of life.  As you walked down this path it was peaceful, beautiful and felt completely right.  You could see a grill on this path, and inside the grill was something cooking that smelled delicious to your nose.  This Path took you right to him and he had good news.  As you walked down this Path I was dressed as a cheerleader, wearing a purple uniform.  I stood with authority screaming to you from the sidelines of the Path, KEEP GOING YOU CAN DO IT!  DON’T LISTEN TO THE LIES OF THE ENEMY KEEP GOING YOUR ALMOST THERE!  I was positive, smiling and cheering you on like most cheerleaders do.  I was encouraging all of you.  I was standing with you in prophetic prayer because that’s what I do.

The Path ended at a huge old house.  It was gorgeous and the wood work was beautifully unique.  At the entrance there was a very tall white door that was open as you walked through it, it led to the kitchen where the Lord was sitting waiting for you.  He looked like a fatherly figure and he was sitting at the kitchen table.  He said sit down.  It was such a comforting place and I could see such deep love going on.  God was talking and laughing a lot and loved your presence.  He offered you beef jerky and hard boiled eggs.  I know what your thinking what a combination but remember this is what God was showing me.  You remembered smelling the beef jerky being cooked in the grill as you were walking on the Path.  God was preparing this for you and he wants to share it with you.  You will be receiving lots of wisdom and understanding as you chew on this meat.  It’s the meaty revelation of God.  The hard boiled eggs were perfect and there were many of them.  These perfect eggs he was giving you were his perfect promises.  I can’t tell you how good the atmosphere felt with these perfect eggs and beef jerky being together.

You could hear it raining outside with lighting.  It was the rain of favor!  Some of the things the Lord was speaking was change is coming.  You will be receiving spiritual and natural inheritance.  Double portion, increase and favor are upon you.  He will give knowledge and miracles to some and to some punishment.  That is when I saw the lightening.  The punishment is for the people who have an evil heart and caused injustices in your life.  God said he will take care of them and for you not to worry about anything.  He will be EXPOSING!  I saw him throwing their dirty clothes in the washing machine.  Allow God to do the laundry.

The Lord says stand strong on a firm foundation always even in shaky times.  If your foundation is firm you are firm in God’s light, and you are covered by God’s firm powerful protection, and you won’t slip.  God warns us though that if we build our lives on sand and not solid rock of God’s word, we can expect devastation.

So I am CHEERING you on saying WALK THIS NEW PATH YOU CAN DO IT DON’T STOP!  I am encouraging you to keep moving and you will receive your beef jerky and eggs.  You will be in Awe of God’s spectacular blessings of double portion and favor.  He is bringing repayment, restoration and increase.  He will bring New Areas, New Opportunities, New Connections, New Ways as his RAIN OF FAVOR falls.  Trust and believe God’s promises.

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow” Psalm 25:4

Love and Blessings,




antique-art-bulb-347226The enemy has been so vicious is his attack against many right now.  There has been hit after hit.  I had a dream that different keys were being given to people to unlock doors.  Behind some of these doors were financial blessing, healings, wisdom, new jobs, new ministries, increase, promotion and new gifts.  There were different kinds of keys but God was giving people these keys to that one thing people have been praying about and asking for to move them forward.  I then saw the enemy come up to these people and whisper lies in their ear and he was steeling all their keys.  The people had such fear and panic because their keys were stolen and they couldn’t unlock their doors.  I saw people giving up and losing hope and allowing the enemy to just steal their keys.  The people felt  they couldn’t do anything about it and the attack against them had been too much.

We are in a season of acceleration.  Some have been waiting a very long time to step into this new season.  People have been praying for God to open up doors for them.  God is about to give you different keys to these different doors to be unlocked.  God has been preparing you this past season for what you will be stepping into as you unlock these doors and walk through them.  All the pain, trouble and hard seasons from the past will help you walk through these doors.  The Lord wants you to trust him.  Trust in his promises and faithfulness.  Stand up the Lord says there is great breakthrough coming.  God is moving you into a time of double portions.  I saw the atmosphere being filled with double portion I feel it burning in my heart and is going to be released in amazing ways.  The enemy is causing delay to the time of double portion for us by whispering lies and trying to steal our keys.

We have to stand with authority and command the demonic influence to STOP and LEAVE in JESUS’ NAME!  We can’t allow the enemy to fill us with fear.  We can’t allow him to steal what belongs to us anymore!  Be firm and kick him out!  We need to stay in such deep prayer with the Lord.  Some of you will think this is crazy but I will share it anyway.  Today I saw a huge spider in my house this spider was different.  This spider was staring at me, and as I approached it didn’t scurry away it moved toward me with authority.  Well immediately I felt the Lord tell me to stand with authority and start praying and remove it.  I definitely felt spiritual warfare going on in the spirit realm.  So the holy spirit led me to pray and remove it.  You always need to be listening to where the holy spirit leads you.

There will be such breakthrough and abundant blessings being unlocked through these doors.  I just want to encourage you I know many of you are at the end of your rope and you have been praying and believing for breakthrough for so long.  I want you to know that God’s fire and favor will be falling on you and blessing you with double portion.  Don’t stop crying out to the Lord.  It’s time to war and fight with the words of your mouth through prayer.  You need to be able to combat the devil and his plans against you.  Satan tempted Jesus.  Every time Satan came around Jesus he would speak Scripture with power and authority.  We need to do the same thing and speak Scripture with power and authority.  So stand up and fight the enemy with the word of God with your mouth.  Be Alert!  Be engaged with the truth of heaven and only listen to God’s whispers not the whispers of the enemy.  Engage with the word of God.  Shout it, Sing it, Pray it!  Listen to God and trust him when he says ITS THE TIME OF DOUBLE PORTION!  So go get your keys.

“A thief has only one thing in mind he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy.  But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect life in its fullness until you overflow!” John 10:10

Love and Blessings,




All God has been showing me constantly lately is 33’s and 44’s EVERYWHERE!  It is very important.  He is speaking to you so listen.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3

Just like in Jeremiah 33:3 the Lord is going to be telling you great and unsearchable things you do not know and he will give you strategies and insight for what is coming up.

“Then he said to me, “son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it”.  So I ate it, and it tasted like honey in my mouth” Ezekiel 3:3

Just like in Ezekiel 3:3 God will be bringing good things to you and it will taste sweet as honey.

The Lord showed me some things he will be exposing in certain places.  There are things in your life that he will be changing and moving you into and it will be new.  It will be a huge change for you.  Things will look different to you and unfamiliar but it will be better.  Some of the areas that he is exposing he is moving you out of and positioning you into something new.  Don’t keep looking back to the past where you were and don’t be afraid of where he is moving you.

Sometimes you get to a place where you can’t grow anymore.  You feel stuck and frustrated, it’s the same routine and nothing changes.  Just like in my first post I wrote about STAND UP ANTS.  The Ants only area was the top of the table.  They couldn’t grow or expand anymore until God took his hand and turned the table for them.  Well God is turning the table for you.  Its going to be a different path and it will be a good change which takes me to the 44’s.

The 4’s mean open doors and new opportunities.  In this season step through God’s doors only!  These doors for you are opening for breakthrough, promotion, and some very effective ministries.  As you walk through these doors in your life allow God to shut the doors that no longer need to be open in your life.  LISTEN TO GOD’S EVERY WORD! 

“Bread alone will not satisfy, but true life is found in every word, which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth” Mathew 4:4

It’s extremely important that we are meditating on what he is saying and speaking to us.  If it’s through dreams the bible or reading prophetic words we need to be chewing on that.  Bread alone will not satisfy us but his word will.  So keep your eyes on the look out for those 33’s and 44’s and chew on them.



God is setting you up for abundant harvest and you will have grace.  There will be many surprises during this harvest time.  Your going to see new plans, new ministries, new direction and new position.

The enemy is scared of this Surprise Harvest coming so I saw him placing Jack O Lantern pumpkins in front of some of these new doors in your life to bring delay.  Don’t choose these doors!  Only go through God’s doors!  These Jack O Lantern pumpkins were full of witchcraft.  They were to bring pain, distraction, confusion, depression, sickness and delay.  I saw God take these Jack O Lanterns and do heart surgery on them, he removed and rooted out the witchcraft and turned it into a joyful harvest pumpkin.  The Lord washed the Jack O Lantern in the blood of Jesus then the blood of the Jack O Lantern turned white!  It was completely clean!  He took such good care of these pumpkins after surgery and they were in the ICU Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.  He had is angels helping him and these angels took such good care of these pumpkins they loved them and gave them peace and comfort.

I can tell you that I have been in the Intensive Care Unit before it was when I delivered my twins.  I almost died having them the doctors and nurses didn’t think I was going to make it.  For those of you that have never been in the Intensive Care Unit it can be a little scary, there are lots of tubes loud monitors and needles.  The nurses would be checking on me around the clock so it was very hard to sleep.  There was one nurse that came into my room but when she came in she didn’t do anything the other nurses did to me.  She had dark hair and was really pretty.  She came in and stood next to my bed and smiled at me, she had a brush with her and she started to brush my hair it felt so good.  She gave me such peace and comfort and then she left.  When I asked the other nurses about her nobody knew who I was talking about.  I believe God sent her when I really needed her and she is one of my angels.  That’s how I saw these pumpkins being taken care of by angels in the Intensive Care Unit.

The surprises in this new Harvest will be nothing you expected.  God has seen you struggling trying to put one foot in front of the other and all the hard labor you put in.  Some of you thinking at times that he has forgotten about you or abandoned you because you haven’t seen some of your promises come to pass.  You have seen very little fruit.  He is thanking you for your obedience, he wants to bless you.  He is saying its SURPRISE HARVEST TIME!

He will be surprising you with these reconstructed pumpkins that he is giving you.  They will bring you peace and comfort and they will stop the delay.  There will be break through that bursts forth.  You will see not little fruit, but ABUNDANT FRUIT and BLESSINGS.  There will be no more delay!  The Lord absolutely loves to surprise you.  The season we are in right now is fall and its filled with colorful leaves, apples, corn stalks, warm crock pot meals, spices in the air and PUMPKINS!  Yes pumpkins, so every time you see a pumpkin in this fall season you remember what God said, ITS SURPRISE HARVEST TIME!!

Love and Blessings,