This dream I had was very specific for the DAUGHTERS of God!  I saw DAUGHTERS facing a DOOR in front of them.  As I got closer to the DOOR KNOB I could hear all these gears clicking and grinding inside the key hole.  There was a timer of when the UNLOCKING would take place.  I looked inside the key hole and I could see all these gears moving.  There was a clock inside the DOOR KNOB.  Then all of the sudden I heard a LOUD POP!  The DOOR suddenly UNLOCKED!  Times up!  It was time for the DOOR to open!  It was perfect timing for these DAUGHTERS to walk through their DOOR!

As these DAUGHTERS waited for God’s perfect timing to UNLOCK their DOOR they waited so patiently for the Lord to guide them.  They were so obedient.  I heard some of the Lyrics of the Song Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder that the Lord was saying, as he watched his DAUGHTERS waiting in excitement to see what was on the other side of the DOOR!  These DAUGHTERS were all different ages, young and old.

I heard the Lord say, “Isn’t She Lovely!” “Isn’t She Wonderful!” “Isn’t She Precious!” “Isn’t She Pretty!” “Isn’t She Lovely Made From Love!”

He ADORED and CHERISHED every DAUGHTER DEEPLY in his HEART!  Each DAUGHTER was his PRECIOUS GIRL!  He was in AWE of how these DAUGHTERS trusted his WAY and his TIMING!  They never ran ahead, they stayed in position and waited for his direction.

I saw as these DAUGHTERS were waiting I noticed they were in BAREFEET!  Their FEET were CLEAN, their NAILS were TRIMMED and they had RED POLISH on their TOES!  Their FEET were READY for NEW SHOES, NEW DOORS, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, NEW PATHS!  They have been CLEANED, TRIMMED and POLISHED well prepared to walk into their DESTINY and CALLING!  Their STEPS were completely covered in the Blood of Jesus(RED TOENAIL POLISH)!  These next STEPS through this DOOR were completely PROTECTED!  This NEW DOOR was opening at their very POLISHED FEET!

LOVELY DAUGHTERS I am telling you that you are on the verge of STEPPING into something NEW!  There is a GREAT UNLOCKING that is taking place because the PERFECT TIMING IS UP!  You will be completely PROTECTED in the next STEPS that you take so get those TOES POLISHED RED!

These DAUGHTERS have been STANDING long in battle waiting for an UNLOCKING to take place.  It didn’t matter how long these DAUGHTERS were STANDING and CONTENDING in front of the DOOR.  THEY DIDN’T MOVE!  There is a FIRE from Heaven falling upon these DAUGHTERS.  The process has been long, but their POLISHED FEET are prepared for these NEXT STEPS!  These DAUGHTERS STAND TALL and they aren’t afraid of what comes their way.  They are prepared to CARRY the Lord’s FIRE!  These POLISHED RED TOES will be PROTECTED and leave a trail of FIERY RED FOOTPRINTS!

It is a time that creative opportunities are OPENING UP for you DAUGHTERS!  It is time for increase and fresh intimacy with God.  Align your POLISHED RED TOES with what God is saying as you ENTER the DOOR that God has OPENED, and STEP into your CALLING and DESTINY!  Get ready and paint your TOES RED DAUGHTERS for what you are about to STEP INTO will leave FLAMES!!  You are LOVELY, WONDERFUL, PRECIOUS, PRETTY, and MADE FROM LOVE!

Listen to the Song Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder


Love and Blessings,



daniella and deb

This word today is strictly for DAUGHTERS ONLY!  I had horrible NIGHTMARES the entire night last night.  From the moment I fell asleep, until the moment I woke up.

In all of my dreams the enemy was trying to ATTACK all DAUGHTERS right now.  The one dream that stood out to me that the Lord wanted me to share I am about to tell you.  The enemy was driving in a BLACK VEHICLE and my DAUGHTER and I were in a parking lot filling my truck with groceries to deliver to people.  This BLACK VEHICLE tried to side swipe us and back right into us to crush us.  I saw this BLACK VEHICLE try to run into all the WOMEN of God in this parking lot.

In my dream at first I felt really fearful and then I was just pissed off!  Sorry for saying that.  I was thinking this guy isn’t going to get away with this!  My whole day was in ALIGNMENT and I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  I was helping people.  I was thinking this guy is trying to get me out of ALIGNMENT what I am supposed to be doing!  OUT OF ALIGNMENT where DAUGHTERS of God are standing and OUT OF ALIGNMENT of what DAUGHTERS are doing.  I ended up pulling the enemy out of his BLACK VEHICLE by his EAR!

EARS are organs capable of detecting vibration, sound and motion.  Its the ability to HEAR everything that the DAUGHTERS have been saying and doing.  Well I tore it off!  NO MORE!  I then heard the song Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.  I’m not a fan of her, but the Lord was highlighting to me to tell the DYNAMIC DAUGHTERS to SHAKE IT OFF!

The enemy tries to drive BLACK DARKNESS into your life and tries to side swipe you out of ALIGNMET.  With his EAR he can detect the VIBRATION you make, the MOTION you walk in and the SOUND that comes off of you!  YOU DYNAMIC DAUGHTERS DO NOT FEAR!  The enemy is the one who is in FEAR right now of what lives inside YOU!

God wants you to know YOU are STANDING where YOU need to be and YOU are in CORRECT ALIGNMET to RECEIVE what God has for YOU next!  God is telling you DYNAMIC DAUGHTERS, SHAKE IT OFF!

God knows what is inside of YOU, because he made every fiber within YOU!  What he sees inside of YOU is FEROCIOUS, POTENT, POWERFUL, ROBUST, VIGOROUS, MIGHTY, POWERFUL, STRONG, WELL BUILT, TOUGH, SOLID, IMPORTANT, INFLUENTIAL, DOMINANT, IMPRESSIVE, BEAUTIFUL, GENTLE, PLEASING, DELIGHTFUL, SMART, LOVING, GRACEFUL, DIVINE, PURE, WARRIOR, RESPONSIBLE, PEACEFUL, HAPPY and SECURE!  This list goes on and on!  YOU stand apart from a crowd!  Some of your journeys have left scars, but the scars are healed and reveal WHO YOU ARE!  YOU must have forgotten that YOU are needed by God!  He is REMINDING YOU of WHO YOU ARE!  Who he created YOU to be!

So he is saying SHAKE OFF the enemy!  SHAKE OFF the fear, confusion, chaos, disappointment or whatever the enemy is doing to you right now.  He’s a PLAYER a HATER and FAKER!  He wants you to keep on “CRUISING” so “DON’T STOP MOVING!”  YOU will never “MISS A BEAT” because God is the “LIGHTENING IN YOUR FEET!”  He will keep you MOVING and CRUISING into ALIGNMENT that you won’t MISS A BEAT!  Just listen to the words of the song.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10(NLT)

Listen to this version of Shake IT OFF.  Its me and my daughters favorite from the movie SING!

Love and Blessings,